One room in your home that many times is an afterthought is the guest bathroom. I think that ignoring this room, in terms of style is a huge mistake. Most of the time, when you have guests in your home, the only rooms they see are your main living areas, which includes the guest bathroom. Don’t forget to add your style to this room!

Guest Bathroom

Make it inviting

Nothing makes a room feel more warm and inviting that live plants. Even a small bathroom has room for green plants. Add a couple of floating shelves to accommodate a few planters. If you have a bit more room, try adding a kentia palm plant. Tall, vibrantly green and exotic, it’s a talking point in it’s own right.

Adding some wall art is a great way to continues your aesthetic to the guest bathroom. Cute signs with funny sayings can give guests a reason to smile.

Just remember that the guest bathroom is just an extension of your main house. It’s not a room that your visitors will spend a lot of time in but, you still want them to feel welcome and comfortable there. And you also want your style to shine through; it’s a part of who you are. The great thing is that, in most homes, this is a fairly small room so it doesn’t take much to really reflect your style. This is a great place to start if you’re just in the beginning stages of decorating.

Add some luxury

As an extension of your décor style, you want to have beautiful fixtures. Be deliberate with your hardware choices. Consider installing a non-aerated sensor tap from Mark’s Plumbing Parts. This turns the tap into a more airy flowing faucet, and the water seems to have a little more volume as it leaves the faucet. This is a great way to conserve water without giving up the feel of great flow. Beautiful faucets don’t go unnoticed.

Also the addition of pretty soaps and accessories show an attention to detail that can make your guests feel special. Multiple soap options are available in a large variety of beautiful fragrances and lovely designs. Placing them in a pretty dish adds flare to the overall design of the room. 

Don’t neglect this small room when making décor choices.


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