Whether you are looking to make your home more attractive to buyers or simply protecting the value of your home for the future, home renovations are something that we all have to deal with from time to time. While certain tasks, such as deep cleaning and routine maintenance seem like small things; they can actually add value to your home and make you feel better about living there.

Here are some small tasks to tackle to make you feel better about your home.

Refresh your lawn and landscaping

Having neat, clean lawn and garden landscaping can make your house look inviting and well cared for. You likely tend to concentrate most of your efforts working on the interior of your home. While your living spaces are the most important aspect of your home, its curb appeal cannot be discounted. Keep your lawn mowed and edged and keep your hedges trimmed for a well kept look.

Adding beautiful flowering plants in large containers can transform backyards and help create a paradise worthy of thee most fabulous backyard garden parties. You can string Edison or fairy lighting between trees to give a festive and pretty space for entertaining.

You can even grow fruits and veggies without having a large open area to farm. Many vegetables can be grown in containers. Find an area were you can put containers on a tiered plant stand to maximize your space. You can easily grow a variety of tomatoes, some bell peppers, and even potatoes in containers.

Clean you crawl space

Many homes that are built on pier and beam foundations have a crawl space. The only time you may pay attention to that space is if you need to access it for repairs. Don’t make this mistake. You need to be sure there is good air flow under you house. Having screens behind the entry access doors lets you open them periodically to allow good airflow. This helps keep the area dry and free of dampness and odors. Checking your crawl space will also ensure you’ll be aware of any repairs that might need to be made.

There are resources to help you maintain this mush neglected area. Check out Crawlspace Depot  for great advice and tools to keep this space in tip top shape.

Make your home more energy efficient

There are many ways you can make your home more energy efficient. A programable thermostat is a great way to save electricity. If you’re home is empty during the day because everyone is at work and school, a programmable thermostat can turn the heating/ac off while the home isn’t occupied. Then, you can program it to come on an hour before everyone gets home so the house will be at the perfect temp. Not having the HVAC running while no one is home will save lots of money on monthly electric bills. And you don’t even have to think about it!

Checking doors and windows to be sure you don’t have air leaks. If your doors and windows are allowing outside air to seem into your home, your HVAC is going to have to work harder to compensate for cold air coming in in winter and hot air in summer. If your home is older, you may want to consider replacing your old windows with new insulated ones. You’ll see the difference in your energy savings.

Convert unused available space

If you’re needing some extra storage or even another bedroom, think about converting your loft or office space. If you’ve been able to head back to your work location, you may no longer need to use your office space as an office. Convert that space into an extra bedroom or exercise room. You have to think in a creative way if you want to maximize your living space. You attic can be transformed into a large closet space by adding racks and shelves. This is a great space to move seasonal clothing to, to free up enough space for the clothes you’re currently going to wear.

You’ll fall in love with your home again if you just implement these simple ideas.

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