Your home is likely your biggest asset; the thing you’ve spent the most money to obtain. As such, it’s is vitally important that you protect the value of your home. You may think that you’re living in your forever home; that you’ll never sell it. Sadly, circumstances sometimes dictate a home sell is necessary. If you’re in your starter home and are ready to sell, the advice is the same; protect the value of your home.

There are several factors that can cause the value of your home to plummet. If you’re thinking of selling, there are several things that can affect the value of your home and can keep good offers off the table.


Remember; buyers want properties that are large and not cramped. Decluttering is the most important step in freeing up space and lessening the cramped feeling your home may give. You may have a bad habit of holding onto things that you never use. Go from room to room getting rid of things like old magazines and newspapers as well as old books that you’ve read and don’t intend to re-read.

You may have lots of worn out pillows or blankets that find their way into your living space and never make it out. If you want to keep them in the room for the sake of comfort, find a tall, narrow storage basket to place them in. Fold them neatly to maximize the space in the storage container. Place the container in an out of the way place like a corner or behind a piece of furniture.

Lack of energy efficiency

Having a home that is energy efficient is of great importance to today’s home buyers. It will take an investment on your part but will pay off when you decide to sell. Adding energy efficient insulated windows are one of the things home buyers look for. Heat or cold flowing into your home through old windows cause those energy bills to skyrocket.

The same applies to you HVAC systems. Having heating or air conditioning that has to run continually to heat or cool the home is devastating to home budgets. Replace these units with today’s more energy efficient units. Adding smart thermostats are also a good investment.

Damaged roofing

You can absolutely expect potential homebuyers to send in a home inspector. They will go through your home looking for any areas that will potentially cost the homebuyer after the sell. The roof will be a part of that inspection.

If your roof has taken damage from hail or ice storms, you should have it addressed immediately; even if you’re not selling. A damaged roof can cause catastrophic damage throughout your home. What could have been just the cost of roof repair can turn into thousands of dollars in damage to ceilings, walls, and floors.

If you suspect your home has roof damage call in a roof repair company to get it repaired as soon as you can.

Overgrown yards

The curb appeal of your home is literally the first impression buyers will have. Many buyers won’t even bother looking at a home that has a yard that is overgrown with weeds. This is a pretty easy fix. You may not be able to bring in pallets of sod, but you can add weed and feed products to your existing yard. And you certainly can keep the yard mowed and edged. Clean out and week flower beds around your house. Add some pretty flowers; even if you just place them in containers and don’t plant them in the ground.

Pops of color around your yard is pleasing to the eye and makes your property look like care has gone into keeping it. This will make potential homebuyers more comfortable and interested.

Old appliances

Another red flag to potential buyers are old and outdated appliances. If you have an outdated electric range that has seen better days, it’s a good idea to replace it before selling. This is not a gigantic investment but it immediately improves the quality of the kitchen. The same applies to built in microwave ovens or vent hoods. A newer energy efficient and quiet running dishwasher is also an attractive feature for buyers.

Even if you can’t totally renovate the kitchen you can update the appliances. Potential buyers may be willing to buy a house with a kitchen that’s a bit dated, knowing the appliances are all state of the art.

Illegal home modifications

If you are adding a major renovation to your home like adding a room, be sure you get the proper permits and use licensed contractors to do the work. Illegal home modifications will cost you in the long run. The home inspection will uncover this secret. A potential homebuyer may be leery of purchasing a house that has areas they can’t trust.

The home appraiser may well find that the renovations you have done weren’t done according to code and with the correct permits and this will affect the value assigned. You’re better of to not make the renovation if you’re not going to do it in accordance with city ordinances. Do it right an add value to your home.

Take the time to protect the value of your home. It may not matter today, but you don’t know what the future holds. Should you come to a place where you’re ready to sell; you want to get top dollar so keep your home in tip top shape.


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