One of the last things you probably think about is the shape of the exterior of your home. If you have a house that’s like mine, with wood lap siding, you know you’re going to have to paint it every few years. Even brick homes can become unsightly with mildew growth or even the effect of tree sap or climbing vines.

Giving your home’s exterior a “freshen up” can change the curb appeal  from drab to fab! Not only that, but it will definitely improve the house’s value to boot. What do I mean when I say it’s important to freshen up your home’s exterior? Here are some examples.

Replace old damaged siding

If your home is covered in siding, it’s hopefully maintenance free. That all depends on the type of siding and when it was installed. If you live in an older home with aluminum siding that was installed 30 years ago, it’s possible that it could be showing serious wear.

Replacing the old siding with new vinyl siding can transform your home. Aluminum siding is prone to denting and scratches and after years will show that wear and tear. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors and trims. It’s much stronger and twice as thick as aluminum. The majority of your home is covered by siding so choosing a new vinyl siding color can make your home feel brand new.

Replace or paint your front door

Replacing your front door can give a fresh new feel to your home’s exterior. If you have a solid wood door, consider stripping it and painting it a vibrant color like yellow or red. It may seem like a small part of the overall exterior but it can be a difference maker.

If your door is in great shape but has outdated hardware, change it. Adding a large pretty door  handle set and kick plate can really take you front door to the next level. The addition of an interesting door knocker can be a conversation starter. Think outside the box and dare to do something different.

Tackle your landscaping

The curb appeal of your home is all about first impressions. Having a beautiful, well-kept lawn speaks to how well the entire home has been cared for. Keeping the hedges trimmed and neat is an easy way to show that a lot of care goes into your home ownership.

When spring and summer make their appearance, be sure your treat your yard with week killer and fertilizer. Try to get your yard as green as possible. Then for splashes of color add containers of plants and colorful flowers to your landscaping. This will not only make your home look more beautiful, it will give you a sense of pride in where you live. Flowers brighten up any atmosphere. There are lots of flowering plants that take a small amount of maintenance. Choose those if you’re just starting out.

Clean things up

If you have a driveway that is stained with all manner of things, get a pressure washer to bring it back to beautiful. The same goes for any walkways that may have layers of dirt and moss covering them. Any paved area can be cleaned with a pressure washer and will be brought back to life.


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