The kitchen is called the heart of the home and with good reason. It’s the spot we seem to migrate when friends and family gather. Comfort is found in the aromas of fresh baked bread, or warm cookies in the oven. It’s the spot we seem to feel the most relaxed and open to conversations. Upgrading your kitchen is worth the investment.

It’s little wonder that most of a family’s remodeling budgets tend to be focused there. I’m not gonna lie to you, remodeling a kitchen can take a big chunk out of your savings. If you don’t have the savings necessary to tackle that big of a remodel, consider a cash out refinance. If you have enough equity in your home, you may just be able to pull enough money to do your kitchen remodel right.

Better backsplashes

There is no question when thinking of upgrading your kitchen, the backsplash comes into play. Of course the backsplash has to go with the counter top- they go hand in hand. You’ll need to decide what materials you’ll want for both. Granite has been the standard for several years because it’s sturdy and available in many colors and designs. More recently man made quartz has come on the scene. Since these are man made, the color choices are endless.

There are countless combinations of counter tops and backsplashes and kitchen remodeling services can help you find the ones that are just right for your space. We went with a sparkle white quartz with a mosaic glass backsplash. I love the simplicity of the design. Any accessories work perfectly with this neutral palette.


Update the space

Laminate countertops can quickly date a kitchen as old and tired. Dark cabinets many times make a kitchen feel cave like and closed in. You don’t have to install all new cabinets to breath life into your kitchen. Simply painting the existing cabinets will completely transform the space. Maybe keep dark cabinets on the lowers and then lighten the upper cabinets to add visual interest. Change out drawer and cabinet pulls for an easy update.

If you want to hit on a modern vibe, a contemporary kitchen with stainless steel fixtures and fittings can give a new feel to the space.

Choose your style

There are endless design styles when thinking of upgrading your kitchen. Clean contemporary lines is just one aspect. Glazed cabinets give an old world feel to your space; a French country vibe with warm colors and traditional elements. Keeping things neutral is great if you think you’ll want to change the feel by adding accessories. If your cabinets have room on top for decorative elements, adding greenery, vases, and even a rooster or two can give a farmhouse feel.

Adding under cabinet lighting creates warmth and plays on the colors of your counters and backsplashes. Mix the best parts of a traditional kitchen with modern elements to make a statement.


Adding pendant lighting over your counter work spaces make food prep a joy. Recesses lighting gives great overall lighting to your kitchen space but it’s not all that interesting or pretty. Pendants can be quite inexpensive but add a design element that your kitchen may be crying for. Choose fixtures that go with the overall theme of your kitchen and it will really reflect your design style.

Energy saving

Choose the most energy efficient appliances for your kitchen to make you kitchen not only beautiful but eco friendly. Look for energy star labels to know if your appliances have gone through and past the test of being more energy efficient. There are even some appliances that are also  solar-energy appliances apparently that take energy savings to the next level. 

If you’re considering upgrades to your home, upgrading your kitchen is worth the investment. The return will be felt in the happy times spent there with friends and family.



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