Your home should absolutely be able to be called your family’s safe haven. Feeling safe in your home covers several bases. Obviously feeling safe from outside harm is paramount; but not so far behind, knowing that your home is safe from fires and storms are equally as important. Here are some simple ways to make your home safer every day.

Gas testing

Your home’s air must be clean and safe for your family to breath daily. If your home is heated by natural gas or if you operate gas log fireplaces you need to have carbon monoxide alarms in every room. This is just a s important as smoke detectors; many serve the dual purpose which makes it super convenient. Be sure to test those smoke alarms on a monthly basis to be sure they are in good working order.

You can save your home and loved ones from breathing harmful gases through radon testing as well.  Radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally occurring. It forms when radioactive metals break down in rocks, soil, and groundwater.  It then can seep in through air in gaps and cracks in buildings and homes. It’s rare, but being sure your family is safe from these gases can add a level of feeling safe.

Regular pipe assessments will ensure that no gases are being emitted from pipes that can slowly but surely infiltrate through your home. Regular home maintenance can help ensure the safety of your family.

Pay attention

Learn to pay attention to signs of trouble in your home. During regular home cleaning, pay attention to what your vacuum cleaner is picking up. Watch for rodent droppings in the dust bunnies around your home. Rodents can carry disease and are generally unsafe to have in your home. If spotting a sign that you have rodents, get a professional out to take care of the issue. You’ll rest easier.

Secure doors and windows

Keeping your home free from intruders is about the most important task you’ll undertake. If you have windows or doors that are not closing securely, don’t hesitate to repair them. A person looking to do harm by stealing your items or do your family harm will look for a home that is easily accessible. Don’t make your family a victim by not securing doors and windows.

On beautiful spring nights, the idea of sleeping with the windows open sounds so inviting. But sadly, in today’s environment, you may be putting yourself at risk by doing this. Don’t give a bad person an opening to do bad things to your family. Turn the ceiling fans and pretend you’re sleeping in a wide open space after you lock down your windows.

Light up your home and get a dog

A well-lit home will help reduce the risk of intruders. You want to give the appearance that someone is home, even when there isn’t. Having bright solar powered lights outside will also deter anyone from sneaking around your home possibly searching for an entry point. Having a small yappy dog is also a deterrent for intruders. A bad guy wants the element of surprise, a yappy dog will take that element away.

You should never feel like you live in fear in your home. Just practice these simple ways to make your home safer and you’ll feel safer in your home every day.

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