Ever have a guest who just wouldn’t get the clue that it’s time to leave? Ok, so this doesn’t happen all that often with the human variety of pest, but for actual pests? It happens more often than not. When an uninvited pest shows up, it’s important that you find a way to move them along before they can do real damage to your home.

Look for clues

One of the most important steps to take when you’re on a mission to keep pests out of your home and garden is to look for clues that you’ve got unwanted company. Common signs of pests include holes in walls, droppings, scratching noises and chew marks. If you spot any signs or you hear unusual noises coming from under your house or in the attic, seek advice as soon as possible. Pests have a habit of multiplying rapidly and the quicker you act, the lower the chances of your infestation getting out of control. Look for pest control companies that offer services such as raccoon removal and cockroach or rodent control. There are humane ways of dealing with uninvited four- legged guests and ensuring your home is free from furry, feathered or other 6-legged friends. 

Keep your home clean and clutter-free

Messy, dirty houses can provide a haven for pests and it can take longer to spot potential warning signs of an infestation if rooms are cluttered and over-filled. Many common household pests like to build nests and they will gladly use clutter to create a comfortable home for themselves. Keep your home clean and stay vigilant in keeping the clutter to a minimum. Vacuum regularly, clean surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen daily, take the trash out and utilize storage to prevent clutter. You can buy boxes, crates, baskets and tubs to store toys and shoes or hang shelves or wall-mounted units to display ornaments, frames and books. 

Don’t leave food lying around

Pests are drawn to delicious treats and this is why they often look to get inside houses or gnaw open trash bags that haven’t been disposed of properly or put inside secure containers. To reduce the risk of stray raccoons visiting or rats and mice feasting on leftovers on the kitchen floor, it’s essential to avoid extending an open invitation. Throw leftovers you don’t want to use away, move trash bags out of the kitchen, tie them properly and place them inside sealed containers. Wipe down surfaces after every meal, brush the floor and store food inside cupboards, a pantry or the refrigerator. Take an extra step to put items in sealed plastic containers before storing them in the pantry.

Plug gaps and holes

As a homeowner, you want to try and make sure that your home is impenetrable. Pests will look for easy access to kitchens, basements and attics. Take the time to walk around your house, inspect every room and look for possible entry and exit points. Plug and fill gaps and holes in exterior walls, window frames and door frames and shut your windows and doors when you’re not in or you go to bed. 

Nobody wants their home to become a hotel for rats or a retreat for raccoons. If you’re eager to keep pests away and ensure your house is a haven for humans only, look out for early warning signs, keep your home clean, don’t leave food lying around and fill entry and exit points. 

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