Are you noticing sounds in the night? Is there scratching noises coming from your walls or ceilings? Don’t call in a team of paranormal investigators; sadly, instead of ghosts, you likely have mice or rats. No matter how clean you keep your home, these awful house pests can still invade. These pests have lots of natural predators but still find a way to thrive whether it’s in big cramped cities or in wide open spaces. They dig in an can become a problem. Spotting the signs that you have a rodent rodent problem is the first step in getting rid of these nasty little fellows.


Scratch, Scratch. You’ve likely heard them in the ceilings and walls. It could be a possum, raccoon, or squirrel, but the most likely culprit is a rat. Rats are nocturnal animals, so you’ll likely hear them being the most active at night. They slink around your home after dark, searching for any types of food that is accessible. Rats will look for any opening to get into your home. They come in through holes in floors or walls. They’ll creep in through basements or even through your attics. 


The most obvious signs of having rats in your home is the nasty poop they always leave behind. If you’re finding evidence of droppings, it’s going to be either rats or mice leaving them. Rat droppings are bigger than mice droppings, and they are dark and soft when fresh. They can stain surfaces and be a really disgusting find. But, you’re not alone. Almost everyone will have to deal with a rat problem one time or another.

Have your noticed chew marks? Did you know that the teeth of a rat never stop growing? They gnaw on everything and anything to keep their teeth healthy; that’s the biggest difference between rats and mice is that rats. It’s rats who are guilty of gnawing everything. From the sides of your furniture to the baseboards, if you’re seeing chew marks, you need to act. 

Rats, like many rodents, are nest builders. Rats build nests with anything they can carry; paper, insulation, fabric, you name it. If they have been around long enough to build a nest, you can bet they are planning of having a family; right there inside you walls or ceiling. They mate quickly and you can bet if you see one rat, you likely have many.

Don’t be embarrassed

It can be pretty mortifying to find you have a rodent problem. But remember, most people do at one time or another. The important thing is to eradicate the problem as quickly as possible. There are several do it yourself types of poisons and traps you can use to rid your home of these creatures. But you might not like the idea of having to dispose of the aftermath. Your best bet is to call in a professional pest control company to get the job done efficiently, completely, and cleanly. Don’t be ashamed, but if you’re spotting signs that you have a rodent problem you need to handle it quickly.

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