Even if you love you home, it may be time to for a fresh new look. Spring is a great time for updating your living spaces; its the time of renewal and new beginnings. Why not make your home a spot for a new beginning?

Add or change the paint

There are fewer easier ways to transform and rejuvenate a room than with paint. If you have a room that is asking for an update; consider painting. You have a couple of choices when it comes to painting a room. You’ll need to decide if the entire room needs to be painted. This will certainly make the biggest impact. But choosing to just paint one wall as an accent is also a great choice. Adding bold color to one wall while keeping the others more neutral will give the feeling of newness without all of the work. Just add a few coordinating accents and your room will feel like a new space.

Painting a room is as easy as cutting in corners and around the ceiling with a brush, then using a roller to fill in the other open areas. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can always hire professional painters to do it for you.

Incorporate living plants as accents

The addition of living plants not only ups the air quality in your home; they can truly give your home a cozy, inviting feeling. If you are not a person who has a green thumb and you’re not so good with plants, you can still easily grow all sorts of living plants. Start with something simple. Ivy is a simple plant to grow and keep alive. They tend to give a little sag when it’s time for water. Indoor, tropical plants can be among the most beautiful, but you will need to give a little extra care with these varieties.

Not only do living plants look beautiful, but they truly improve the quality of your life. Plants clean the air we breath and help us focus on the tasks at hand. Plants are truly easy décor items to add to give your home new life.

Opt for new accessories to change with trends

Trends come and go in home décor, so consider making changes to your accessories when it’s time for a fresh new look. Slip covers can completely transform the look of your furniture. If your furniture is still in great shape, consider adding trendy pillows; statement pillow covers can change with the seasons. Even in spring and summer, adding cute throw blankets are a great idea Spring colors don’t have to just be pastels, but can include bold purples and yellows as well.

Rearrange the furniture

If your budget is limited, renew the look of your room by simply rearranging the furniture. Think differently about how you traditionally set up your room. You need to consider moving big pieces away from the wall a bit. Don’t press every piece of furniture on every wall. Pull a chair out  from the corner of the room and add small side table. Add pretty lamps and it’ll be like you’re in an entirely new room. The feeling of renewal will spill over into your life.

Try one or more of these ways to give new life to your old spaces. Spring is a great time to spruce up your home.


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