You don’t have to abandon your more traditional style to bring your home a more modern vibe. When you think of modern home living, you likely think of spartan rooms with minimal furnishing. This more describes a minimalist style, not necessarily modern style. You can bring modern elements into your traditional style without losing your style aesthetic. Here are a few ideas on modern living.

Clean it up

Modern style is traditionally straight lines, and clean looks. This is as easy as removing furniture that sits in a room that serves no purpose. A room, no matter the style, will be harder to keep looking clean the more cluttered with furniture it is. In other words, keep your same style of furniture, just have less of it in a room. A room can be made to feel more cozy with the added accessories, not filling it up with furniture.

Think about lighting

The possibilities are endless when it comes to lighting. Simply changing out your light switch with a dimmer switch can help with the mood of a room. Having a dimmer switch in the dining area can change a regular meal into a romantic evening. Adding under cabinet lighting to your kitchen cabinets not only adds workspace light, but when the main lights are turned off, it makes your kitchen look modern and stylish.

Instead of harsh overhead lighting in your living spaces, opt for lamps with bulbs that give off softer light. You can purchase light bulbs that give levels of light from brighter to dimmer. Smart bulbs can be controlled by your home’s virtual assistant.

Invest in smart technology

Smart technology is becoming ever more popular and its uses are expanding too. As mentioned above, you can use a virtual assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home to control almost every aspect of your home. Your lighting can be controlled by a virtual assistant so that you’d never have to enter a dark room again. Smart thermostats can set schedules for your heating and air conditioning that will save money on your energy bills. Virtual assistants can even turn your television on and off and control the volume on command if you’re not near your remote controls.

Window coverings

Traditionally, we cover our windows with decorative drapes or curtains. Lots of people add window shades as well. If you’re like me, I only have curtains to cover our windows. In the evening, I physically have to close the curtains if I want privacy in our home. If you’re like me, you may want to consider something like motorized window shades or blinds. These window coverings are controlled with a touch of a button. The convenience may be worth the cost if you have lots of windows in your home.

Rethink your idea of modern

Don’t think of having a modern home as only one interpretation. The thing about modern design is that it adapts to trends. The best part of modern style is the idea of less clutter, fewer things to crowd our living spaces, but it’s also about making life easier by incorporating technology to our every day living. Just know that you don’t have to compromise your style to make your home more modern. So you see you can bring modern elements into your style.

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