How much longer are you going to be working from home? Many companies have discovered that the work from home model is a way to increase the bottom line, and thus are making the arrangement permanent. If you’re going to be working from your home office on a more permanent basis, it’s time to create a work space that no longer feels temporary. Creating the perfect home office can help generate a more professional feeling and may just help your productivity in the long run. It’s important that you have your home as secure as possible since you’ll likely have sensitive or personal information about.

If it’s time to move from your dining room table into an actual office, here’s some tips to make your home office inviting and functional.

Long term plans

There’s no point investing a ton of cash in your home, making it the perfect place from which to work from if you’re planning on moving somewhere else in the near future. Why spend money and time in making it right when you’re going to jet off to maxim citylights or even just a move to a few streets over? If you’re planning on a move, having a temporary office space is fine for now. You’ll need the bulk of your money for your new house, don’t waste it on home office gear you won’t need for a while.

Find the right space

If you’re staying put for the foreseeable future, it’s important to have a separate space dedicated to work. Think of all of the files you have on the desk in your usual office space. Those are all going to migrate to your home now. You need the appropriate furniture and storage to accommodate all of those items. You really can’t stick a filing cabinet next to your bed; or at least you don’t want to.

You need to have a separate space because you don’t want to blur the lines between work and home. A desk in your dining room will only make you think of work when you should be using that time as time for your family around the dining table. Having to clean files and computer monitors off the table every time you want to share a family meal will get old really fast. Even work equipment in the living room will make it hard for you to relax when the work day is done. Having that monitor stare at you while you’re trying to watch a Hallmark movie will be distracting so find a separate space away from living areas if possible..

Get The Perfect Desk

One of the most important elements of your home office is your desk. It needs to be big enough for your laptop and monitors, as well as a space to work. It needs to have plenty of storage to meet the needs of your particular job. Do you need to store and access files? Be sure the desk you choose has drawers that will accommodate file folders. Every desk needs a smaller drawer to hold sticky note pads, pens, and paperclips. If you use binders, you’ll need a place to put them. Desks with a hutch can offer space for books and binders. A keyboard tray is important to give you ergonomic access. When typing, your elbows should be bent at a right angel so your hands are not raised when typing. Over time, incorrect typing posture will cause health issues.

You can purchase a quality desk from any number of locations. If you’re like me I use Amazon for just about everything. They are a good bet for purchasing a desk but some brands are gated and not allowed to sell on Amazon, so be sure to shop several online sites for best selection.

The perfect chair is important

The only thing more important than a functional desk is the chair that you will occupy while sitting at your desk. Consider your physical health when choosing an office chair. Do you have back problems? Do you need extra lumbar support? How about your knees? If you have any issues health wise, your chair can either exacerbate them or help minimize them. Remember, a leather chair, while beautiful, won’t breath like a cloth chair. If you’re prone to sweating, a leather chair may well be uncomfortable. Durable and breathable fabrics are the best choice. Chairs that include arms are better for you as well. Supporting your body as you stand up from a seated position is a good idea. If you choose a taller desk, get a ergonomic drafting chair to go with it. Be sure the chair has a foot rest so your legs have plenty of support while sitting.

Connectivity is key

The communication between you and your company will be electronic and so needs to be as state of the art as possible. I live in the tiniest of towns and my husband always joke that our Internet service is powered by a hamster running on a wheel. It seems like sometimes he flies off that wheel and our Internet slows to nothing. You cannot afford to have shaky connections.

You probably will need to bite the bullet and pay for the fastest internet connection for your address. Direct connect to the router with an Ethernet cord if possible. Wireless is convenient but the signal is never as strong as when directly connected. If a direct connection is not possible, you’ll need to invest in some kind of wifi booster. As always, read reviews before you buy a booster for your home. Some perform better than others and you need to know which is best.

Working from home can be great if you’re prepared. It’s definitely a different lifestyle than heading out each day to the office, but following some of these tips can make it the best situation possible.

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