If you’ve added an office to your home, you’ve suddenly gotten yet another space that will need cleaning. Where your office space differs from your living space is that the office area truly needs to be clean at all time. Things you can overlook in your living spaces, cannot be ignored in your office. Having your office organized and clear of clutter is the best way to maximize your productivity. Here are a few ways you can keep your home office clean.

Keyboard being wiped by a person to remove virus and to be protected from the virus during coronavirus pandemic

Convenient cleaning equipment

You want cleaning equipment used for your home office easily accessible. You don’t want to be hauling big vacuum cleaners, brooms, and mops upstairs every other day to clean. The most convenient way to keep your floors clean is to invest in a great cordless stick vacuum. The advantages of stick vacuums include how easy they are to carry, they are rechargeable, and they store easily. My stick vac actually cleans better than my big corded vacuum.

Combine your other cleaning products like dusters, disinfectants, and air fresheners together in a portable container that can be stored in a closet. That way when it’s time for cleaning, everything is together and you’re not going to be searching for cleaning products.

Pick a day for cleaning

Set a schedule for cleaning. Choose the day of the week you think is best and do those detailed chores on that day. Include dusting your office furniture every time your clean. Dust build up happens quicker than you think. You spend almost everyday in this space, so keeping the dust down is important. Dust includes all kinds of particles that can cause allergies to act up, and irritate your eyes and even lungs. Just keep it down as much as possible to be to help stay healthy.

Install a Dehumidifier

Depending on where you live, investing in  a dehumidifier in your home office can actually be a benefit. Moisture is not good for printers and computers or phones. If you live in a highly humid location or if the area of your home where you office is in a more humid part of the house, something as simple as a dehumidifier will help. Your files and other paper documents will benefit from being drier.

Invest in easy to clean furniture

There are some beautifully carved desks out there, but you’ll likely want to consider something less ornate for your office. Remember, you’ll be cleaning that furniture and getting into lots of carved surfaces isn’t as easy as cleaning a simple flat surface. Leather furniture and stainless have the most effortless cleaning process.  But wood is easy to clean as well, just use the right products to keep everything looking great and you’ll feel great to be in the space.

Try shutters instead of curtains

Depending on the number of windows you have in your home office space, you might want to consider using shutters instead of curtains. Something like plantation shutters will certainly be more expensive than drapes, but the upkeep is as easy as simply dusting them. Curtains will have to either be dry cleaned or laundered every couple of months.

Shutters will also set your office apart from the rest of the house. It will give the area the look and feel of an actual office and that can go a ways into giving you the idea of “going into work” each time you go in your office. This can help keep your mind off the fact that you’re sitting in your home.

Be innovative with your home office. Don’t skimp on decorating your office. Make it the true office you always wanted.



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