It’s looking more and more like the work from home model is becoming permanent for many of you. If you’ve been holding out hoping you’d be returning to your off site office but now realize that’s not likely, it might be time for your to spruce up your home office. Heck, you may need to actually create a home office. Let’s face it, your kitchen table will only work as a home office for so long.

Choose a permanent space

If you’re officing from your bed, dining table, coffee table, or other transitional spot, it might just be time to choose an actual dedicated space to create your home office. If you don’t have a separate room you can dedicate for office space, you can use the corner of a guest room or your bedroom. I recommend using a space that’s not in the more public spaces of your home. You still want to entertain family and friends and having to lock up work stuff whenever you do will become frustrating.


Soft light can add a nice ambience to your home office. Don’t go with harsh florescent lights to light your space. Choosing a room with at least one window is a great idea. Natural light has several health benefits and can offer sufficient light to work. Your computer monitors can cause eye fatigue, don’t choose lighting that makes it worse. Choosing appropriate lighting can help prevent headaches and eye strain from struggling to see your work. Research shows that when lighting conditions are good, people tend to feel happier and healthier, and more enthusiastic to get on with the task at hand. 

Keep it comfy

I’ve worked in offices where I either froze in winter or sweated it out in summer. When you have an office manager that’s in control of the thermostat you have no choice but to suffer. In your own home, the choice of temperature is up to you. Realizing that if you they dial the thermostat to just the right level, you an remain comfortable while keeping your energy costs down.

Getting temperatures to that perfect level, however, is a challenge if your HVAC isn’t working, as points out. If your heating/air conditioning seems to be running all the time and never getting to the thermostat setting; there is likely a problem. Having an HVAC professional come out and test your system to see if there is a problem is a good idea. The cost of the technician’s visit will be offset by having your system running to optimum settings. Having a unit that doesn’t run 24 hours a day will be reflected in your energy bills. 

Add live plants

Your home literally becomes more comfortable by adding elements from nature. Potted greenery is a great addition to any décor. Adding plants to your vignettes always give a feeling of comfort and beauty. Studies have shown that incorporating plants into your home can boost your mood and spark your creativity. This is really important in your home office where you need to have your head in the game. Plants tend to help boost your concentration as well. According to, living plants provide extra oxygen and reconnect you to nature. 

Don’t skimp on your chair

The only thing more important than a functional desk is the chair that you will occupy while sitting at your desk. Consider your physical health when choosing an office chair. Do you have back problems? Do you need extra lumbar support? How about your knees? If you have any issues health wise, your chair can either exacerbate them or help minimize them. Remember, a leather chair, while beautiful, won’t breath like a cloth chair. If you’re prone to sweating, a leather chair may well be uncomfortable. Durable and breathable fabrics are the best choice. Chairs that include arms are better for you as well. Supporting your body as you stand up from a seated position is a good idea. If you choose a taller desk, get a ergonomic drafting chair to go with it. Be sure the chair has a foot rest so your legs have plenty of support while sitting.

Add happy décor

The physical objects in your environment can affect your psychology tremendously. Some items are a distraction that can keep you from being productive. Even if your office space is tiny, you can add small décor items that give your good feelings. A pretty framed picture of your family can help with your motivation. We typically work to give our families a better life, this reminds us why we do what we do. Drink from your favorite coffee mug. Choose one you bought on vacation and you’ll be reminded of happy times. 

Even the smallest elements can make your space more personal and fulfilling.

Give yourself permission to spruce up your home office space. You spend multiple hours there, it should be a place that inspires you.


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