When you see a large expensive home that you absolutely love, what features of the curb appeal do you love the most? Is it large double doors surrounded by tall windows? How about a grand porch with a beautiful swing? Columns? Who doesn’t love grand tall columns? Large estate homes have many of these types of features. And while these million dollar homes may be beyond our reach, we can mimic the design in our own more modest homes.

When you think of your home’s entry way, what comes to mind; a door with peeling paint? Weed filled overgrown landscaping? These small things can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. You can actually mimic those beautiful elements of big fine homes on your own home. Here are some ways to spruce up your curb appeal.

Beautiful pathways

If you have a walkway that extends from the sidewalk up to your house, maximize it’s potential for beauty. A sidewalk- like path across your front lawn is great place to add additional landscaping. Adding pretty mulch filled with lovely flowers and shrubs can make the path to your front door feel inviting and cared for. It is definitely an eye-catcher for anyone driving by. Just be sure you have landscape edging to keep the grass in your yard from invading the landscaping.

You don’t need to fill this space if you have attractive and clean mulch or rock. Just a few plants spaced throughout the edges can look clean and polished.

Make more of your door

A grand entry is not really possible for most of your homes. But a well-cared for, stylish door is certainly achievable. There is a wide variety of entry doors available. Carved wood doors can make a statement on any home. The key it to be sure the finish is clean and free of dirt and age. If paint is peeling, take the door down and give it a good sanding. Then add a great exterior paint. Try an unexpected color. As long as it compliments the overall color of your home’s exterior, go for it! A red door is always mysterious. Using yellow for your front door color feels like sunshine. 

You may not want the upkeep of a wood door. If this is you, choose a metal exterior door. They come from the factory with multi faceted windows and cut outs that can make a spectacular impact on your curb appeal.

Light it up

Lighted pathways and stair cases are always pretty at night. Dramatic porch lighting is a great way to add drama to your home’s entry. Add colored lighting to your landscaping and have the lights shine up the sides of your home for a surprising splash of color. The addition of Edison lights around the perimeter of your porch looks great year around. Outdoor lights give your home a sense of warmth any season. 

Even adding fairy lights to your trees give a sense of magic any time of year. This lighting isn’t really enough to use as primary light, it’s specifically for ambience. It’s simply used to make things pretty. You can put the lights on a timer to come on at dusk and to turn off before midnight. That way you aren’t really impacting your energy use, but you’re adding a special quality to your curb appeal.

Add lots of greenery

If you have soil that makes it difficult to plant lots of green plants, you can always use beautiful planters. Container gardening is an easy way to add live plants to your space. Just be sure to choose plants that thrive without direct sunlight if covered by the porch roof.

Plant in the landscape where you can and feel free to add those containers of greenery and color. Planting flower beds or placing pots filled with begonia, fuchsia, and other fantastic front door plants around your entryway gives a welcome to all who come by. There are even artificial topiaries in beautiful containers that can be purchased to give a no fuss yet beautiful entry way.

You don’t have to live in a large estate to achieve gorgeous curb appeal. The most important thing to remember is to keep it all clean. A well cared for lawn, landscaping, and porch let’s all who drive past know that you have great pride in ownership.


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