If you’ve lived in your home for several years, or even if you’ve purchased a pre-owned home; there is likely some upgrades and changes you’d like to make. Whenever you go into planning a home upgrade or remodel, you need to be careful of several things. Remember, this renovation is likely going to the last for many years. Be sure you don’t go too trendy with your changes. But home renovation is more than just knocking down walls.

For instance creating a more minimalist home is more aesthetic than renovation. Adding color to a few walls or even wallpaper are updates that can easily be changes down the road. But when you’re talking about changing kitchen cabinets and counters; that another thing altogether. Trendy colors are great for today but in 5 to 10 years may start to wear on your nerves. But, let’s talk about some other kinds of upgrades that are more easily done.

Economic and environmentally advantageous changes

If your home’s utilities are becoming difficult to handle, think of investing in utilities that are not only easier on you wallet, but also on the environment. Many people have made the move to solar power to relieve at least a part of their energy bills. Of course solar power is not an inexpensive proposition in terms of initial installation. It may take a few years to see a return on your investment, but it could be worth it if you experience budget busting energy bills. Get with a solar installer near you to discuss the options of having solar panels installed on your home.  

Simply updating your kitchen appliances can make a difference in your energy costs as well. More efficient washers and dryers also contribute to a healthier and more affordable household. 

Secure your home

The most precious things in your life are contained under the roof of your home. I’m not talking about gaming systems, TVs, or computers. Keeping your family safe at all times is not something to take lightly. Home security systems have come a long way in the past 15 years. Today you have have a system that detects glass shattering to alert you to a window being broken. Most systems have several cameras that will alert if someone approaches your entry doors.

Security lights can be programed to come on if movement is detected and can chase away an intruder who suddenly no longer has privacy to try to get through a window. Smart home security systems are the best way to be notified of any suspicious activity going on in your home. They will send an alert to your phone with video images and many give the opportunity for you to actually speak to the person lurking around. Believe me, once an intruder realizes he’s been spotted, he will likely run away.

And never underestimate the effect a barking dog can have on an intruder’s choice to target your home. Many dogs like  German Shepherds can be trained for protection. That’s a large investment but may be what you need to feel safe. But even a small yappy terrier may be enough to chase away an intruder. Someone who wants to break into your home above all wants to go unnoticed. A yappy dog is a great alert!

Making room for exercise

Adding a home gym is an upgrade that is mostly about equipment. You generally don’t need to knock down walls or even change paint color. You can take a spare bedroom and empty it of its contents and start adding the things conducive to getting a great workout.

Then do some research on what specific equipment you want to add. If you all about cardio; get a high end treadmill or bike. Maybe add equipment to increase your motion and mobility. If getting super toned muscles is the goal, add some weight benches, bars, and weights. Devices like the X3 Bar have helped lots of people get tone muscles by using resistance. 

Whatever method you intend to use, add a large wall of mirrors so you can watch yourself as you workout. You’ll get a better idea as to whether your form is correct so you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Home upgrades can be more than knocking down walls. Make some changes around your home that can impact the real quality of your life.


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