Summer is here and many of us are looking for ways to enjoy ourselves in spite of the pandemic. The past year and a half has been a relatively tough one for all of us and we could all do with some fun things to do that allow us to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves a little. Now, there are activities that we enjoy that we can do at any time of the year – relaxing at home, heading to the shops with friends or eating out at local restaurants and cafes. But what are some more summer suited activities that we can take advantage of while the weather is good? Here are some to consider!

Head to the beach (if one is close enough)

Depending on where you live, if possible, a beach trip is always awesome! You don’t have to go to the trendy pure white sand beaches to still have fun. Galveston is a great weekend trip for people living in central Texas. There are plenty of hotels from which to choose, and lots of fun activities for the entire family as well.

You’ll get lots of vitamin D while sunning it, so be sure you use high SPF sun lotion for anytime spent outdoors. This is great advice for anytime not just on the beach. Pack a few pairs of shorts and tops, sandals and beach shoes, towels, and toiletries and you’re good to go! 

Make homemade ice cream

An activity that’s sure to take you back to your childhood is making homemade ice cream. The flavor possibilities are endless when making ice cream at home. Good ol’ vanilla is a favorite for most everyone, but maybe think more exotic. Strawberry basil ice cream gives that sweet ice cream flavor with a surprise. Think of different fruits and unexpected herbs that go with them. Then incorporate those flavors together to add into a vanilla recipe.

Check your favorite recipe sites online and you’re sure to find some great ice cream recipes there. From cold recipes to those that are precooked then frozen, so many are yummy. You can even try an easy ice cream cake recipe too!

Host a BBQ

There is nothing more fun than entertaining friends on those warm summer evenings. Think about inviting your best friends over for some lip smacking burgers or skewers. Have each family bring items like buns, condiments, lettuce, and tomatoes. That way you aren’t having to do all of the work. Everyone wants to pitch in so let them.

Have your garden lights on and plenty of mosquito repellent available. Lit tiki torches give great ambiance as well as a way to keep the pests away. Great music in the background will get everyone moving.

Have a picnic

Fun and romantic picnics are such a nice surprise. A cooler filled with beautiful cheeses and meats along with crackers, olives, and fruits are the perfect picnic meal. Add in a a chilled bottle of your favorite wine and you’ll fall in love all over again. Be sure to bring a big soft blanket and maybe a small foldable table and chairs. Pick a spot at a nearby lake or park and spend quality time with your loved one or best friend. There is no better way to relax and let the troubles of the day float away.

 Hit up a local orchard

If you’re lucky enough to have fruit orchards nearby, take the family out for some peach or apple picking. Our nearby peach orchards have great food to eat as well. Speaking of ice cream, you may find the best peach ice cream you’ve ever eaten! Kids live being able to take fruit straight from the tree. It can be a fun adventure.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to do one or more of these ideas. Don’t let this summer pass you by. 

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