Windows are said to be the eyes of your home. They play an important role in making your home more lovely and in creating an airy, roomy feel. Here are some great ideas on how to revamp your windows to make the most of them. Here are some tips to revive your window style.

Fix ‘em up

Show you windows some TLC. Take a good look at them from the outside and see if there are any areas of damage on the frames of glass. Any broken windows are a security danger and won’t do your energy bills any favors either. Call Renewal by Andersen to help you replace your existing, possibly boring windows with more beautiful and energy efficient ones.

If your windows are in good working order, give them a polish. Clean windows and window frames can add a bit of an upgrade on your curb appeal. Be careful if power washing as the spray can be strong enough to crack your windows or break seals. There are different ways to clean PVC frames as opposed to wooden frames.  You want to use the appropriate method to be sure you won’t cause any damage.

Add some vintage charm

Wooden shutters or plantation shutters look amazing on most properties. Not only do they look good but they can give you better control of the light, they’re easy to clean, and can even add to the value of your property. Go for traditional white or a new range of colors that go with your decor.

A beautiful, clean look can be accomplished with adding black shutters to a white house. The contrast in shutter color is dramatic but also a very traditional look.

Install skylights

Light is a great way of making a space seem brighter and bigger. Sometimes there isn’t space to put in a standard window and a skylight may be a great replacement. Many times a bathroom is the perfect place for a skylight. This is a room that doesn’t necessarily need to have the light regulated and so continual light during daylight hours is no problem.

Roman shade

You can make a pretty Roman shade with fabric and three tension rods. Your fabric needs to be about an inch wider than your window. Fold your edges over with about a half inch seam on each side. You can sew these sides or use fabric fuser. Create a hem and a pocket at the top for an tension rod the same way. Put the rod through the pocket and attach inside the window. Space the next two tension rods inside the window frame. They need to be spaced according to the size of the window and how long you want your pleats. After placing the tension rods, simple pull the fabric through the top rod to the length you want. Repeat the step for the last rod. That’s it! Roman shades! If you want to cover the entire window at night, simply pull the fabric from the bottom to release it from the rods.

This style is perfect for letting in light, giving you a bit of privacy, and channeling that upscale cafe vibe. It’s created by putting a rod part of the way up the frame and hanging a voile or light fabric from it. 

Make the most of a bay window

A large bay window is a beautiful feature in any room. You can make it even more by adding an upholstered cushion to the window. Matching, coordinated pillows can make a bay window an inviting seating area. A matching valance completes the perfect look. Beautiful plaids and florals can transform a bay window into a romantic reading nook that just begs for you to sit and relax with a great book.

Go practical and stylish in the kitchen

Window coverings for your kitchen windows should be airy and bright. This is a great opportunity to play with bright colors like reds and yellows to bring a joyful feeling to the room. Fabrics in the kitchen can absorb smells and grease, so you want to choose fabrics that are machine washable. Usually kitchen windows are shorter and cover from the middle to the top of the window sill. These curtains can be topped with a short valance or one that drapes around the sides that meet the sill as well.

Let your creative self be free with the choices you make for the kitchen.  

Add beauty and privacy with window vinyl

Window vinyls come in a range of patterns and styles can add privacy you desire. Add frosted vinyl on your bathroom window to keep prying eyes from seeing you at your most vulnerable. A stained glass look can be accomplished with some styles of window vinyl. We have a huge picture window on the landing of our stairway covered with a stained glass look vinyl. It’s amazing! People who see it cannot believe it’s not actual stained glass. It provided much needed privacy from the neighbors and really gave a look of elegance as well. You’ll find several uses for window vinyl around your house. 



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