“I just love cleaning my windows!” said no one ever. This is a chore that most of us only tackle a few times a year. There are some techniques that can help you get a clean and streak free shine on your windows with a minimum amount of effort. Here are some tips for crystal clean windows. 

Per a user’s request, simple cleaning.

Dust Your Window Frames

Cleaning the area around your window is the first place to tackle. Your window sills can be dust’s happy home if you don’t keep up with it. Use your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to clean your window sills every time you vacuum your floors. This will keep the dust down to a minimum and will require less wiping down when it’s time to clean the glass. 

Don’t just clean the sills, though. You need to take time to clean the frame and sash as well. If you do this regularly, it makes the entire job much easier. To make your home more livable and avoidable, vacuum up the dust and then wipe it all down with a damp rag.

Use the right materials

It’s important to use the best window cleaning tools. Use plenty of glass cleaner as this will prevent streaks. The best way to wipe your windows down is with a microfiber cloth. These are smooth, yet absorbent, and won’t leave scratches. They’re great for polishing your windows for the ultimate shine, and what’s more, is that they’re washable. You can reuse microfiber cloths so they’re also a much more sustainable choice than disposable options. 

If you’d rather use paper towels to clean your windows, choose the cheapest brand possible. The better brands tend to have additives that can leave streaks behind.

Make your own window cleaner

For the best results try this homemade glass cleaner.  This window cleaner using a combination of two cups of water, half a cup of white or cider vinegar, and a quarter cup of 70% rubbing alcohol. Mix the cleaner together and put it in a spray bottle. This is much less expensive than store bought window cleaner and probably does a better job to be honest.

How to Avoid streaks

One other trick to avoid streaks is to wipe the inside of the window vertically and the outside horizontally. This way, it will be easier to know which side is leaving streaks. Again, a good micro fiber cloth makes is easier to polish the window to remove unsightly streaking. Squeegees seem like a good idea, but you really end up moving the liquid to a point and drips can easily occur. Plus the area between where you squeegee will need further wiping. It’s easier just to use a cloth.

Hire a Professional

If you’re cleaning your exterior windows; especially if you have second or third story windows, it might be a good idea to hire a a professional window cleaning service. Window cleaning seems super easy, but so many household accidents happen when homeowners get up on second or third story rooflines. Professionals have all of the right safety equipment, scaffolding, or mechanical lifts to get the job done efficiently and without accident. 

Using some of these tips will help you keep crystal clean windows year round. It’s a small thing, but it makes you entire house look well kept and more beautiful. 


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