In such a fast paced world it’s easy to discover you’re spending more time working and less time with your family. It’s important that you don’t fall into this trap. Cultivating time with your family is ultimately more important than any time you spend on your career. Even if it’s just you and your partner. Don’t neglect the time you spend together. Remember to take time to focus on each other. Never make your family feel as though they are an afterthought.

If you have children, really consider how short a time you have with them before they’ll be grown and gone. Of course you cannot neglect your job; that’s what provides for your family. But it’s imperative that you find a way to strike a balance. Your family is not the only ones who’ll benefit. You will too. The rewards of a happy family are boundless. Here are some ways to help you keep that balance in your family life.

Have a weekly cuisine night

We all know the power of a taco Tuesday, but what about a pizza Friday, cheese board Sunday (keep this bi-monthly unless you want to pack on the weight), or even an “eldest children cook” Wednesday to keep them on their toes? Regardless, a weekly cuisine night can bring people together around the family table, even if from time to time sometimes you’re grown child needs to pull a late shift at their workplace or attend a night class. A set routine like this can help you spend more time with your loved ones, especially as they grow older and become even more independent.

Movie nights with snacks

A movie night is always a fun idea. No matter if you love action movies, romance movies, movies for Christmas in July or even a television show you’ve all been watching, it’s nice to bring everyone into the living room to share the ups and downs of a story you appreciate. 

While you’re enjoying favorite movies or shows, snacks will make it even better. A few tids and bits or even a cheeseboard and crackers could be a yummy addition to your movie night.  You can even choose themes for snacks. Maybe color codes could be fun. A green snack night could include pickles, chips that come in green bags, green fruit drinks, and other green packaged snacks. Just use your imagination.

A weekend getaway

A weekend getaway with the family is always a nice idea, even if your children have grown up now. You might decide to go camping near the beach, or a weekend vacation rental. There are great resort hotels that can be fun if you have younger children. If it’s just you and your spouse; a romantic bed & breakfast could be a nice surprise.

This getaway might also include heading to restaurants or going on a road trip that inspires you. Anything you can do to reconnect is a fantastic idea.

Local events & community shows

It’s always nice to attend local events and community shows in your area. Great arts & craft shows, rodeos, and farmer’s markets can be a really fun experience. On top of that, this has the side benefit of integrating you more closely within your community. Meeting your neighbors in an environment other than your front yard can let you see another side of people.

This might involve attending yard sales, Halloween or Christmas celebrations, or more local and specific events that only take place in your part of the world. There’s something to be said for feeling connected and aware of your local surroundings in a world that feels more global and online than ever. After all, it’s very easy to live for years without every really connecting with your neighbors unless you do. 

It’s important to manage your family events and routines to bring everyone together from time to time. After all, as people in your family unit become more independent and start making their way in the world, it’s very easy for them to become less and less involved in traditional family outings. While that’s natural to an extent, it’s always good to make exceptions as and when you can.

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