The joys of parenting often times come with challenges. This is never more true than when trying to get through your child’s toddler years. It seems like anything can set them off. Everything from giving them the wrong sippy cup to cutting their apple the wrong shapes can be cause for a melt down. Bedtime can be particularly challenging. If you fight a bedtime  battle night after night; here are some tips that may help make bedtime a more special time for you and your toddler.

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The right bed

If your little one is constantly hopping in and out of your bed because they don’t feel comfortable in their own bed, this is something you can easily rectify. There are so many incredible beds for toddlers that will help them to feel completely at ease at night time. Many come with integrated guard rails that will keep your toddler secure while not detracting from the aesthetic. When purchasing a new bed, let your toddle help with the decision. They will more likely want to sleep in a bed that they choose. Be careful about choosing a bed that is too much of of a playhouse. The idea is to settle your child, not gear them up. A bed with a built in slide is not likely going to keep them in their bed. 

Create the best environment

The environment that your toddler sleeps in every night can have a huge impact on their quality of sleep. Using a some sort of sound generator can create a peaceful environment that can block out other distracting noises. Choose bedding that is soft and comfy that will keep your toddler warm in winter and cool in the summer months. Consider a star machine that projects the solar system on the ceiling. This calming motion of stars is a relaxing distraction that can lull your toddler right to sleep.

Healthy foods and drinks

The food and drink your toddler consumes on a daily basis can directly impact their sleep. Eating high sugar snacks near bedtime is sure to stimulate their systems and get them jazzed up. A daily diet of well balanced nutrients will guarantee your child will stay feeling satisfied throughout the night and will not wake up with hunger pangs. Encourage your child to drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day. Hydration will aid their nightly sleep. Allow them to have milk and juice early in the day then switch to water. Get them their own little sealable cup that they are able to open and close so they don’t have spills; and keep it full all day.

Play and exercise

Your child needs to get enough exercise during the day to burn off their energy. Turn off the TV and the iPad and encourage them to play outside if the weather permits. Daily periods of running, swinging, and climbing all but guarantee a good night’s sleep. Get you child a tricycle or scooter and help them ride it. Grab a soccer ball and head out to the backyard. Play hide & seek. There are so many activities you can do with your toddler that can help assure a tired kiddo at the end of the day. It takes effort on your part. But, it’s your child, what better way to spend your time?

Keep a consistent bedtime routine

Children thrive when they have consistency in their lives. Having a solid bedtime routine lets your toddler know what to expect nightly. Ensuring your toddler has a predictable bedtime routine will help stave off tantrums because they know this is simply how it goes. The ideal bedtime routine could be, having a calming bath, brushing their teeth, sharing a story and tucking them into bed. Starting this bedtime routine from a young age will help your child to connect these simple and relaxing activities to going to sleep. Creating strong and positive sleep associations is a tried and tested way to support your toddler when going to bed. As frustrating as it may feel to put your toddler to bed each evening, you have to show a strong and united front with your partner. It’s so important that your little one enjoys their bedtime routine, otherwise all of your other hard work will be for nothing.

Cultivate a sense of calm

Your toddler isn’t going to feel ready to go to sleep if the atmosphere around them is tense and stressful. Although you might want to get your toddler’s bedtime routine over and done; it’s important to keep a calm demeanor. Your frustration levels will quickly transfer onto your toddler if you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Try to create a calm environment and help your toddler to settle gently into their bedtime routine. This might mean turning off the television, turning on soft music or winding down after a hectic day with a warm drink of milk. There are so many ways to instill a sense of calm into your little one before you tuck them into bed for a long and lovely sleep.

Getting a toddler to sleep in their own bed all night long is a challenge you may not have considered when you decided to have a child. But hopefully you can make your life much easier and happier by trying some of the ideas mentioned above. Whether you’re investing in a new, comfortable bed for them or you’re starting up a new bedtime routine to make them feel more at ease, there are so many tried and tested techniques to help you enjoy bedtime with your toddler. Remember, some children will respond better than others to these techniques, so it’s a good idea to use your instincts when trying anything new. Hopefully, you will find a system that works well for your family so that bedtime no longer feels like a chore!



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