If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the stuff you’ve accumulated over time, it’s time to do something about it. Clearing out the clutter can often give the feeling of being able to breath a little easier. It’s much easier to keep your house clean with fewer items to deal with. I’m not suggesting you need to change to a minimalist style in your home, just weed out some things you don’t need. The first step it making the commitment to get rid of clutter in the home.

Get rid of unwanted items

I know that they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but sometimes one man’s trash is simply; trash. You’re going to have to be willing to admit some of the things that are cluttering up your life and space is really little more than debris. Old newspapers, magazines, and even boxes don’t need to be kept forever. This is true unless there is something remarkable about the particular newspaper or magazine. If they are from a significant even in history; alright, you get a pass. Anything other than that. Let it go.

Any items you have that are broken need to go. If you’ve though you’d eventually get around to fixing it, but haven’t, get rid of it. There isn’t room for things that don’t work. Renting a dumpster to hold the contents of all of the broken down or old clutter you’ve amassed may be necessary.. You can learn more at https://reddogdumpsters.com  there’s likely a perfect size dumpster for your things.


If you are purging items; consider donating them to trusted organizations. Clothing should be clean and in good condition. If an item is worn out, it’s ok to throw it away. You can even set furniture items aside for donation. There are organizations like the Kidney Foundation who will do a porch pick up of large items. Again, items need to be in fairly good shape. Don’t try to donate a busted dresser or bed frame. The object it to help those in need. This is not the time to give some one a “project piece.”

You may feel better about parting with some items when you consider the good they will do for someone else. And in the process, you’ll be freeing your home of its clutter. If you’re donating to charitable organizations; remember to get a receipt for the items that includes the estimated cost and value so you can take the donation on your taxes.

Pace yourself

Decluttering the house is a big jobTake your time. This does not have to be a job that you do overnight. Go one room at a time. As you move items you may be tempted to start clearing out the next room. Don’t do this. Have several boxes to help you sort through each item. One box can be for items to donate. Label another box for trash. And yes, you should have a box for items you intend to keep. 

Decluttering doesn’t mean you get rid of all of your slightly used or unused belongings. You have to decide what is worth keeping.

Edit your rooms

You’ll be amazed at the room you can free up if you simply clear out things that need to go. You can maximize your space and minimize your anxiety. While having cute pillows as room accessories is a great way to add flare to the room; too many pillows just add to clutter. They usually wind up on the floor so there’s more room on the couch for sitting. Edit your accessories around the room.

If you’ll declutter  your living areas, you’ll feel like you’ve gained some extra square footage. Take a look around your room. Is there furniture in there that is truly not necessary. Do you have occasional tables that never see use? Ottomans that never have feet on them? Give yourself permission to purge items that are truly not used or needed. Think of adding hanging wall shelves instead of bookcases to open up space in the room.

Keep the things that reflect your personality and taste and box up things that don’t.


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