Thinking of tackling some DIY around the home? Do it yourself projects can be an effective way to help you turn the home you have, into the home of your dreams. It’s also a cost effective way to make repairs while saving money in doing so.

DIY jobs can range from the small to the extreme and, based on your capabilities, can help you to make some pretty effective changes to your home and how you live your life. After all, not everyone can afford to pay someone to undertake the work on their behalf. Learning to do things yourself can boost your self-confidence and get things done without the massive cost of hiring contractors.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best jobs for beginner DIYers to get on with.

Workman screwing window frame during housework


Your home can develop drafts from the doors, windows, walls, or roofing. In many cases, these can be simple, easy fixes, even if some are just temporary. For drafts in windows and doors, you can make your own draft blockers around the bottom of doors, especially handy if you have gaps from uneven flooring. For windows, you can reseal the cracks and ensure that the sealant is working to protect your home, while for roof drafts, you can create a temporary fix to cover the hole from the inside until you can get a roofing contractor to remedy the issue.

Light Fittings

Changing light fittings or light switches is a pretty simple job. You do need to make sure you have turned off the electricity supply to the room or even the house if you wish to ensure you can work safely. But by following the instructions that come with the new fitting, you can install a new lighting feature in no time.

Appliance Repairs

Appliance repairs can come in shapes and sizes. While there are most definitely some that you should leave to the professionals, there are some you can do yourself. If your washer has broken down, you can find that high quality washer parts are available here, while parts for your vacuum can be sourced online, as can parts for most household appliances. Again, ensure they are unplugged before starting work and that you have the correct tools for an easier fix.


An easy DIY job for beginners is to strip and sand down woodwork and repaint or varnish it again so it looks like new. You can sand your woodwork by hand using sanding paper or buy a sanding tool and stripper to help you strip everything back to the wood underneath to start again. This can be a lengthy process but one that will keep you busy and develop those skills.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are standard in many homes and are generally down to a faulty rubber seal. All you need to do is turn off the water supply and use online guides or YouTube videos to help you remove the faucet and identify the issue. From here, you can source the right part for your leak and get it repaired fast.

DIY jobs can be massive or tiny, but most jobs around the house are ones you can try your hand at. As a beginner, start small and build your skills so you have something to build on for bigger jobs!

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