If you’re considering starting a home based business, the most important question is what type of business will you be entering into. There are logistical implications that can vary widely depending on the type of services your home business is going to offer. Let’s explore some things you’ll need to think about when starting a home based business.

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Digital Types of Businesses

If the you are starting a business that is going to offer services to a client that are principally digital; you’ll need a comfortable office space within which to work. You’ll need a state of the art computer set up with the most current software. A separate office space isn’t mandatory, but is recommended so you can maintain work/life balance. Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair so you’ll be comfortable while you work. Consider adding a different phone number to your cell plan so you have a separate number for your business. Again, it’s important to separate your work and personal life.

Be sure you have comfortable lighting and bring in some live plants to add some peaceful elements to your workspace. Trust me, there will be stress when involved.

Handmade Products

If you intend to make products from home that’s a whole different ballgame. Depending on the product you intend to make, you are going to need lots of space. Before you spend thousands on adding a building onto your property for a studio, consider converting available space in your home first. There’s a chance you could get started in a business and decide it’s not really for you, you don’t want to be on the hook for thousands of dollars in equipment you’ll no longer use. 

You don’t have to start with the top of the line products. Try to find better equipment used online. If you’re making graphic t-shirts, try to find a higher end heat press on the marketplace. Instead of buying an expensive DTF printer, use one of the many printing companies that will print your designs on a gang sheet and ship them to you ready to press. You may find that’s the easiest way to get your designs and will continue through the life of your business.

Once your business is thriving; then you can start to invest in a different space and better equipment.

Clear it out

If you are converting space to be able to use it for an office or studio space, you’ll likely have lots of cleaning to do. An easy way to get rid of bulky trash is to hire an industrial dumpster like those at Zenith Dumpsters. This will make it much easier to clean out the space you want to use for your work space. If you’re clearing out a garage or shop, this is especially true. Get rid of the bigger items first; you can then get a true picture of the dimensions you’re working with and how much storage you’ll have at your disposal. This way you’ll also be able to use your budget more effectively as well. 

Protect yourself and your clients

You don’t want to just focus on cybersecurity here, such as using encryption in your checkout or ensuring you change passwords once a month. You also want to consider the physical safety of your home business as well. 

Ensuring you can lock your office at the end of the day is a good start, but keep an eye out for issues like trip hazards and work interruptions as well. What could ruin a meeting if someone in a Zoom session sees it happening in the background? If you can’t close the door behind you, is there a screen divider you can use to keep ‘noise’ to a minimum? Think about these things before you start sharing your screen. 

Starting a home business is easier than buying an office, and can be fun, but you should take space issues seriously. You need to be secure, you need peace and quiet, and you definitely need to clear some space for equipment use! 

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