Your home is your castle. It’s where you spend most of your time, and it should be a place that you love. If your home is lacking the style and upgrades you’d like; change them. There are lots of DIY projects that can transform your home and won’t need an expensive contractor to accomplish. Try a few of these and fall in love with your home all over again.

Adding curb appeal with landscaping

When it comes to adding curb appeal, landscaping is one of the most important things you can do. The right plants and trees can make your home look inviting from the street, and they can also add value to your property. Plant flowers in pots or beds near the entrance of your home. Flowers that are brightly colored are easily seen from the street.

Choose plants and flowers that will thrive in your climate and region. You don’t want to plant something that won’t survive winter frost or summer heat. A water feature like a fountain or birdbath can add interest to your front entry and make it feel more welcoming. Use trees that provide shade for your home in the summer, but don’t block views from inside. Tall deciduous trees will give you maximum privacy while allowing in plenty of light during the winter.

Paint your home’s exterior

If you are looking to improve the exterior look of your home, then painting its exterior is a great DIY project. It seems daunting but can totally be done. The easiest thing to do is to keep the color the same. Repair any rotted wood and scrape any old paint that might be flaking away first. Caulk cracks and be sure you’ve removed dirt and grime from the existing finish.

Paint the largest part of the house using a paint sprayer. This gives great coverage in a short amount of time. Think about brushing a complimentary color on all of the trim to give visual interest. Your home will come back to life with fresh paint. 

Update door hardware

Changing your door hardware can give a welcome change to the look of your entryway. Door hardware includes things like locks, doorknobs, and hinges, and can even include a pretty kick plate to add to the bottom. There are a wide variety of finishes available for door hardware from nickel to oil rubbed bronze. Choose hardware that reflects the interior style of your home.

Install a new front door

Nothing will impact the curb appeal of your home like a new front door. Front entry doors can have beautiful frosted glass with gorgeous iron inlay or a large stained glass window. Some front doors come with lovely leaded cut glass shapes and designs. The impact of hanging a new front door is immediate.

If you can’t afford to replace your front door, consider painting your existing one. Step out of your comfort zone and try a bold color like red or yellow. Choose a color that will compliment the overall paint scheme of your home, but try something other than white. Your home will definitely get noticed with a bold front door color.

Install new windows

If you have windows that are cracked, fogged, or are failing, it’s time to install new. This is a project that suited for a more experienced do-it-yourselfer. Windows are one of the most important aspects of your home for more than aesthetics. Having energy efficient windows can save you lots of money over time. Today’s windows can have special UV coatings that protect your furniture from fading in direct sunlight. There are double pane windows that keep warm air in during winter months and hot air out in the summer. This will help your HVAC systems to not have to work so hard to keep your home comfortable.

Checking with reputable window companies like Renewal by Andersen Window Installer can help you make the best choice of windows for your home.

Add a plaque with your house number

A simple way to add elegance to your entryway is hanging house numbers or address plaque. There are a wide variety of styles and fonts for house numbers these days. You can add bold art deco numbers along the wall next to your entry door. A simple project of painting a wooden plaque then adding peel and stick metal look numbers can jazz up your entry way as well. Having your street number visible from the street is imperative for emergency vehicles to find you easily should the case arise. 

Paint the kitchen cabinets

Painting your cabinets is a great way to improve the look and feel of any kitchen. This is a huge undertaking but can be done if you are brave enough to try. The first step is to clean your cabinets with some kind of TSP cleaner. Having your cabinets completely clean of any grease or grime is the most important step. Remove the doors and number them with painter’s tape so you know where they go after painting. 

Use the paint of your choice; chalk paint or semi gloss works great. You can roll or spray the cabinet doors; spraying is definitely the fastest. Then brush the cabinet boxes. You don’t necessarily have to paint the cabinet interior unless it’s really worn out. Apply two coats for best coverage. Top coat your cabinets with several coats of a satin poly to protect them over time. Re-attach the cabinet doors and you have an entirely new looking kitchen!

Depending on your skill level; you can transform the look and feel of your house without having to hire a contractor. Just be patient with yourself and watch a lot of tutorial videos on whatever you want to attempt. DIY projects aren’t for everyone but if you’re willing to do the work, it can save money in the long run.


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