The dictionary describes the word “haven” as a place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary. This is precisely what our homes should convey to us. It should be the place where we look most forward to being. Many times that is not the case. What feelings come to mind when you think of home? Is it a place of chaos and unhappiness? Is it the number one place you prefer to be? If not, maybe there are some changes you can make that will transform your home from havoc to haven.

Create more room

Cramped and cluttered spaces can cause anxious feelings. Even if your home is on the smaller size, you can make it feel and look bigger, by simply removing clutter. Oversized furniture works great in very large rooms but not so much if your living space is smaller. Consider selling the furniture that is too big for your space and swapping it for furniture with a smaller footprint. You don’t necessarily have to give up seating just because the overall dimensions of your furniture is smaller. 

Sectionals are a great solution for a small room. You get extra seating in the corner section. That’s actually the most comfy spot to be in my opinion. Remove extra end tables and ottomans as well. Anything that can be moved out, should be.

Make it safe

If home is truly a safe harbor, you need to feel safe inside. Windows that don’t shut and lock properly are a vulnerable area. Doors that don’t have adequate locks in place invite feelings of anxiety. Your entry points need to have reliable locking mechanisms like those found in a Mul T Lock deadbolt. Don’t cut corners here. The goal is to protect your most precious commodities; your family. 

Add a security system that includes outside cameras. Nothing eases minds like being able to see what’s happening outside after hearing a strange noise.

Be sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every room of the house. If your house has a second story, be sure you have retractable ladders that can be rolled out windows in case a fire makes the stairway inaccessible. Teach your children about escape routes in case of a fire. Be sure they know where to meet once they are outside.

Take care of air quality

 The air quality of your home should be a priority. There are particulates that are occur naturally but that can make breathing difficult. Pollen, dust, and mold are just a few things that we are forced to breath when shut up inside our homes. Changing the air filter in your HVAC systems can help keep these particles to a minimum. If you have an air conditioning system that is newer and more up to date, chances are there are safeguards installed to help with air quality.

Room air purifiers are also an investment to consider if you feel the air in your home needs an extra scrubbing.

Add some living green plants

To create a more beautiful environment, add some greenery around your home. Living plants have a positive effect on the people who live around them. Live plants help clean the air and give an overall sense of peace. Most houseplants are not difficult to care for and usually only require watering and occasional fertilizing.

Make some small changes and you might just make your home the haven it could be.

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