Once you own a home, you will discover plenty of little jobs to take up your time. These home maintenance tasks all need attention, but there are other improvements to consider. For example, you might think about upgrading your home’s the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems have become much more energy efficient and can help make your home a healthier place.

Better air quality

One of the biggest improvements in newer air condition unit is the air filtration system they contain. Most manufacturers have made it a priority to improve the indoor air quality of homes that install these updated systems. These newer units have bold filtration systems that help keep allergens and other irritants out of the air you breath. Many of these units use larger filtration cassette that have to be changed less often.

There are even units that use UV lighting to kill bacteria and mold and to scrub the air you breath; making it 99% cleaner. It’s of utmost importance that you change all of your air filters regularly to keep it working at peak performance.

A better night’s sleep

It’s been documented that the best temperature for sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Now this thermostat setting will definitely equal larger energy bills during the summer months. But turning down the thermostat at bedtime to a cooler temp even in summer; will lead to better sleep. Of course during the winter months, this home temperature will be much easier to reach.  

A comfortable sleep temperature is imperative to guarantee a restful night. Waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night is irritating. You will toss and turn trying to get comfortable is no way to spend the night.

In the same breath, waking up cold and shivering is just as bad. During the winter months, you may want to add an extra blanket to the bed instead of cranking up the heat. The key is to adjust the thermostat to a temperature that allows you to be comfortable without raising energy costs.


Another benefit of a newer air conditioning system is the removal of humidity in the home. Excess moisture form humid outside temps can lead to mold growth in the home. Excess humidity in the home gives an unpleasant clammy feeling that is uncomfortable. A good air conditioner will pull that moisture from the air and remove it through its outside condensing unit. Remember the goal of a good air conditioning system is comfort. This in an investment worth making and will add value to your home should you decide to sell. 


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