Instagram is an excellent way of exercising your photography skills and sharing them with an online community. It’s a wonderful way to share current pictures with family and friends who you only occasionally get to see. Businesses use Instagram for marketing and sharing merchandise with potential customers as well. 

Smartphones are increasingly becoming powerful tools for amateur and professional photographers alike. Editing software can take a simple still life photograph and turn it into a work of art. If you’re wanting to improve your Instagram picture taking skills, following are a few tips.

Natural lighting 

Take advantage of natural lighting to give life to your photos. The great thing about using your smartphone to take photos for Instagram is that you don’t have to haul around traditional lighting equipment. Even if your subject is in shadows, editing software can bring light into the photo removing dark areas. You can also adjust and balance color, saturation, and other basic photography tricks. You can also crop your photo to remove areas you don’t want in the photo.

When taking a photo on your smartphone with insufficient light, touch your screen and a box will appear. Next to the box there’s a slide that allows you to lighten the photo before taking.

Draw the viewer’s eye 

The composition of your photo is very important. There are tools to help you create a focal point that will draw the eye of the viewer. Depending on the mode you choose; the basic phone photography software give you options to automatically blur the background of a pic. Using your phone in portrait mode will automatically blur the background. But you can achieve this effect in other ways as well. It’s a great idea to learn how to blur the background in different scenarios.

A phot with a clearly defined foreground just looks more professional. These photos are great for Instagram posts.

Follow the rule of thirds 

The rule of thirds is one of photography’s most popular composition rules. It states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines. Then, important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections. 

In other words, the rule says that if you divide a picture into three columns and three rows, then your focal point should go into one of the intersections. This doesn’t mean the main subject of your photo should always be in the middle. Visual interest can be obtained by off centering the subject matter as well. 


Using the rule of thirds will help aid in framing the subject matter of your photo. If you’re presenting a product that you’re selling, you may want to have that object centered and in the foreground. You don’t want it to be lost in the background. It’s good to take shots of your product from all angles.

At the same time, to create a more artistic photo feel free to focus on even a small detail. A field of flowers as a whole is not necessarily as interesting as choosing a single flower making it your foreground and blurring the rest of the field. Of course photos of a house for sale should be a broad picture that includes the entire house and yard.

Consider what the goal the photo is trying to achieve and adjust accordingly.

Be Creative

Think about how many photos are posted on Instagram every day. If you truly want your content to be seen, liked, and shared, you have to get creative. Get out of your comfort zone and take some chances. Explore different techniques and ways to express yourself and improve your photography skills by doing research. Find other people who have similar content and see what they’re doing. Don’t copy anyone’s content but hone your ideas by what you discover.

These are just a few tips to help you improve your photography skills and take great photos for your Instagram. Whatever content you share, make it memorable.


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