Rental property can be a savvy investment. Many people are buying houses and condos to use as daily or weekend rentals. If you have a rental property to use as vacation or business rental, you definitely want to get top dollar per night. How do you accomplish this? Here are some tips that may help your bottom dollar.

High profile listing

Deciding how you want to get bookings for your rental property is one of the most important things you’ll decide. Airbnb and Loftium Rentals are among the most popular sites for booking properties. These types of sites are the go-to for a majority of vacation rentals. This is a way for you to not only advertise your rental property, but makes booking stays very easy as well.

Know your demographic 

Think of the types of people you expect to rent your property. Business travelers are likely to want to stay at properties near a metropolitan area. Cater to these travelers by providing a nice office with the fastest Internet available. Provide a quality wireless printer that your renter can access with their laptop. Giving business travelers access to tools to handle their business is very attractive to renters.

In the same breath; if the property is within driving distance to amusement parks , lakes, or the beach; you can bet families will want to rent. Having a room that’s fit for children is a great idea. A cabinet with board games and puzzles for all ages will cater to families. Video games on hand are also a good idea. Of course, the ultimate rental will have a game room with items like a pool table or air hockey table. Cater to renters you’d like to stay in your property.

Set your property apart

Travelers have tons of choices when it comes to places to stay. Having a rental property that is clean and updated is paramount. Fresh and updated interior will set your property apart. A kitchen with beautiful counter tops and cabinets is very appealing to vacation renters. Most families will be creating meals in the kitchen a couple of times during their stay. They should enjoy the use of the kitchen. Have nice cookware on hand as well. If you buy an outdated property, you’ll want to  upgrade the kitchen.

Don’t neglect the bathroom as well. Having a sparkling clean bathroom cannot be neglected. Renters will definitely scrutinize the cleanliness of the bathroom. Mold or mildew should be nowhere to be found. Have fresh fluffy towels and clean and contemporary linens in the bathroom pantry. Guests should recognize your attention to detail.


When specifically looking to purchase property for rental, the location matters. Having a property way out in a rural area is less attractive because many renters will likely want to order food to be delivered. Many small towns don’t have food delivery, or many local restaurants for that matter. Adult travelers who don’t have kids may want to have a night on the town. Being able to call an Uber to the property may come up.  Having efficient local transport usually only occurs in suburban cities.

Give information

Providing a guest binder in your rental is impressive for renters. Have the binder separated by tabs that indicate where restaurants are; with info on who delivers. Including flyers from local attractions in the binder will help guests to plan their activities. The binder should also include information about the property like the WiFi network password. Let renters know where they can find TV remote control and gaming equipment.  A central location to find the answers to renters questions is another one of those extra attention to details that will impress.



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