What do you get the person who has everything? Buying for adult friends and family can be difficult. Even buying for our children becomes difficult when they’re all grown up with families of their own. As the holidays draw closer, you may be stumped as to what to buy for friends and family. Here are a few gift ideas you may not have considered.

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Smart home assistant

There are several brands of electronic assistants on the market. The most important thing to remember about purchasing an electronic assistant is they they actually DO listen to you. Now, they are triggered by a assigned name to start the listening process, but they may misunderstand a conversation and think you used the magic word. Just know, your privacy isn’t necessarily guaranteed 100% if you have these in your home.

I happen to have one in every room. Amazon’s Echo Show with a 10″ screen was a great gift for my children. I love being able to “call” up my grandchildren and have conversations where I can see their faces. I have non screen versions in the other rooms. We use it to set our wake up alarm each day. Weather forecasts are also asked for daily. The personal assistant is a great place to find everything from recipes to random facts. Making grocery lists is also a big player. Plus access to Amazon is automatic.

Google Assistant is the other most popular personal home assistant on the market. It works much the same as the Echo but is, as you may have guessed, Google based.

A subscription service

A subscription service is a really nice to gift to give those difficult gifting people. Subscriptions can be so much more than “the fruit of the month club!” Consider paying for your parents Amazon Prime membership for this year. A year of Netflix or Hulu is also a great idea.

If you have win connoisseurs in the family there are subscriptions for monthly wine deliveries.  Blendtopia offer a smooth subscription service for those who enjoy smoothies. Even a month of Spotify could be the perfect gift for the music lover in the family. This is truly thinking way outside of the gift buying box.

Gift cards

The old stand by gift for those who are difficult to by for is gift cards. A general Visa or Master Card gift card are great because they can be used anywhere that accepts the credit cards. This opens up lots of shopping options. If the person you’re buying for is a foodie; think about getting a gift card at a new trendy restaurant or two. For the do-it-yourselfer; Lowe’s or Home Depot gift cards will make them happy.

When giving a gift card, don’t just slip it in an envelope. Box it and make it fun to open.

Gift for the hobbyist

If you have a crafter in the family, thing about the things they enjoy creating. A wreath maker would love ribbon and wreath forms. Do you have a furniture flipper in the family? Find out what kind of paint they use and gift them a few containers or give them high quality brushes. Model car enthusiasts would likely love a new kit or two. You’re sure to surprise them with something they enjoy creating.

A spa day

Does your daughter love being pampered? Gifting a spa day is an excellent idea. Be careful here. If you give this type of gift to someone who is not into this type of activity, they’ll likely not use it. But if pedicures are their jam, grab a gift certificate from their favorite salon. Don’t be stingy, choose the best pedicure they offer and get a gift certificate for it.

Buy an experience

There are lots of adventures you can buy for gifts. Depending on where you live you can buy a NASCAR experience that includes driving laps around an actual race track. Day trips by train that include gourmet meals is something that people might not buy for themselves but would love as a gift. Theme park season passes are just the ticket for some. Give the gift of fun.

A music instrument

The gift of music is something so many people would love. If you have a musician in the family, they would likely love a new instrument. Has your son or daughter talked about wanting to learn to play guitar? The purchase of a guitar and lessons would be a magical gift.


For the book lover in the family, there is no better gift than an eReader. My Kindle is used every single day of the year. Consider giving a reader along with a loaded gift card that will allow them to purchase several books of their choice. Maybe purchase a Kindle Unlimited supscription for a year. This will allow them to download up to 10 included books at a time. Almost every book released has this designation. Your super reader will love it.

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