A Wood Serving Tray that’s Easy to Make

This is DIY wood serving tray can be made for just a few dollars. It’s actually made from a piece of birch that we had left over from some shelves we made earlier. We cut the birch slab to 14″ x 24.” The Mean Man then cut 3 grooves at 3.5″ wide. Grooves were cut using the table saw set to 1/8.” 

The raised edges were made by cutting a 1″x4″ in half for width and cut to the length of the sides. These were attached by gluing and stapling them from the bottom. Clamps were added to hold it all nicely together while the glue dried. 

The Mean Man stained the tray with some Danish oil. 

It looked pretty with the stain alone, but I wanted to add a vinyl cut out for some further decoration. A dry brush technique using chalk paint always looks so good over stain. 

Finishing Touches

I cut out a pretty vinyl sign using my Silhouette and added it to the tray.

The Mean Man sealed the tray with a clear matte enamel. You’ll want it sealed because you’ll likely use the tray for beverages at some point and you want to protect the wood.

Seal it before you add the handles. I picked these up at Home Depot in the hardware department.

And that’s all there is to it! It seriously only took a few hours and just a few dollars since it we used all scrap wood.  It can likely be made for less than $15 otherwise. 

Give this DIY wood serving tray a try!

DIY Wood Serving Tray

DIY Wood Serving Tray


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