All homes need some minor mending from time to time. Leaky faucets, broken light fixtures, and holes in drywall are just to name a few. Many times our first inclination is to call in a professional to make repairs. But, depending on the repair, many times the average homeowner can fix these items. You may not feel handy, but you can really do more than you might think. Having the Internet and search engines make finding instructions readily available.

Workman screwing window frame during housework

Stair treads and risers

A two story house, will have stairs that have likely seen tons of traffic over the years. If your stair treads are worn and showing their age, repairing these items is a great idea. If you have treads that are loose, it’s important to secure those as quickly as possible. This is more than a cosmetic fix. It’s structural and must be addressed before someone is seriously injured. 

Scratched wood and missing stain is something that’s not an an emergency fix. But, giving your stairs a makeover can give your home a nice modern look. Consider using stain on the treads and paint on the risers. This is a popular and classic design choice.

Ceilings and cornices

If you have a popcorn ceiling, you can change it fairly easily. You can simply spray water on the ceiling and scrape it. They make nifty scrapers that have a catch basin so your floor won’t be covered with debris. If your ceiling has water damage the repair can be more involved. You’ll need to be sure the water damage hasn’t affected the ceiling rafters with mold. Cut the spot of water damage out and check beyond to be sure you’ve treated any mold you may have found. Patch the hold and paint.

Faucets and Showerheads

Faucets and showerheads are prone to leaks after several years. This doesn’t mean you need to replace these items. Usually a leaky faucet is the result of a worn gasket. A new one can be purchased at the hardware store and is easily replaced. If the faucet is super old and in need of replacement, you can do this to. Again, do some research and check out some videos and you’ll be on you way.

Ceiling fan lights

Ceiling fans tend to last a long time. If you have broken globes on your fan’s light fixture, these are easily replaceable. If you just don’t like the style of the light fixture, you can replace the entire section. Ceiling fan light fixtures can be purchased on most shopping sites. There is a more universal size that will likely fit your ceiling fan. If your fan has an unusual fixture, take measurements and shop for one that will work.

Keep or replace

Sometimes you have items in your home that have reached the end of their usefulness. If you have a refrigerator that’s older than 10 years and it’s not cooling properly, you want to replace it instead of repair. Newer appliance are more energy efficient and often times more convenient. If you have newer items that are on the blink, you’ll likely want to consider repairing your appliance instead.

Don’t be intimidated

Don’t be intimidated by home repairs. As a homeowner, you need to learn how to make these repairs on your own. This will save you lots of money over the years. You are capable of many of the repairs that need to be done. Do your research and go for it!

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