Winter can be a tough season for many people. It’s easy to feel a little blue when the skies tend toward gray much of the season. An extra bit of self motivation will help you keep your sanity feel better even on the gray days. Here are some tips to help keep you feeling great about life during those dreary winter days.

Young woman in snow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Try new recipes

Spending time in the kitchen trying new recipes can be a fun and satisfying activity. Think of a theme and build a meal around that theme. It can be a Mexican Fiesta where you’ll serve a variety of tacos and side dishes. Do something you’ve never done before. Try shredded pork instead of ground beef. Add cilantro and lime for a little extra flavor.

You could try a diner theme and serve a beautiful ribeye roast over bread. Add a homemade pie like the ones you see in the pie fridge at local diners. Try to get the kids involved. They’d probably love to help with desert. Bringing the family together over a delicious meal is a sure way to beat the winter doldrums.


Love it or not; there’s tons of research that shows that exercise is not only good for your physical body, but your mind as well. Try to get into an exercise routine. This can be as easy as lifting light weights with several reps. Using your interior stairs is great for building stamina. Make a concerted effort to go up and down several times a day. When the weather allows; get outside an walk. This is the easiest and most readily available exercise for most people. You can make small changes to improve your health. You’ll feel better physically as well as mentally if your do.

Start a DIY project

If you take a look around your house you’re likely to quickly realize that there’s a lot you could be doing that needs to get done. On the other hand, maybe you’re feeling creative and motivated and want to begin a more artistic and fun project to cozy up your spaces. Either way, keep yourself busy and entertained this winter by starting a DIY project around the house. For example, you can learn to refinish furniture, declutter and get organized, or paint your walls a fresh color. Now is a good opportunity to sit down and teach yourself a new skill without any pressure.

Volunteer your time

There are plenty of people who are in need throughout the year but sometimes even more so in winter and during the holidays. You can keep yourself busy and fulfilled by choosing to volunteer your time. Commit to an organization or activity that interests you or look up and research who in the area needs a helping hand. Volunteering will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and put a smile not only on your face but on the faces of those you’re giving back to this winter season. It’ll feel great to assist others who are in need and take the focus off what may be lacking in your life and concentrate on practicing gratitude.

Spend Time in Nature

Just because it’s winter and colder outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season and weather. Try spending some time outdoors and in nature. It’s more important than ever to get out of the house and get some fresh air to help avoid winter blues. Now might be a good time to find somewhere to go skiing or snowshoeing or go sledding with your kids if there is enough snow. There may also be local outdoor activities going on in your area that you can get involved with right in your own community.  

These are some practical and enjoyable ideas for keeping yourself busy and entertained this winter. You’ll feel better and happier when you stay active. Involve your kids whenever possible as well so that you can all be healthy and well through wintertime. Of course, be sure to take breaks and rest when you need it by having a movie and game night or relaxing by the fire. 

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