There is no question that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also a space we may take for granted in terms of aesthetic appeal. You don’t have to to into an expensive remodel to bring new life into your kitchen.  There are some changes you can make that will help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Let’s explore some options to help make that happen.

Kitchen and dining area
Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels

Declutter & get organized

Many homes have kitchen countertops that are so cluttered with small appliances, food items, and tchotchkes that you have no room to work. This in turn also makes a kitchen look messy and uninviting. The first thing you need to do is find a place for those small appliances you don’t use on a daily basis. Blenders, mixers, and pressure cookers are great to have. But you probably only use them a few times a month. Purchase cabinet organizers that allow for room for all of those appliances. Only bring them out when it’s time to use them. Then, clean them and put them away.

You’ll free up counter space as well as make your kitchen more inviting.

Simply utilize your kitchen more

After you’ve cleared your counters it will be the perfect opportunity to use your kitchen for it’s intended purpose. Cook some stuff! As you prepare and cook your meals, clean as you go. While you wait for the pasta to boil, for example, that’s the perfect time to put measuring cups and spoons in the dishwasher. Make it to where there’s very little to clean after the meal. That way you’ll enjoy it more.

Try some new recipes that you’ve never considered before. Make this roasted garlic butter to spread on some French bread and serve with new pasta dish. Wow your family with new flavors and meals.

Consider updating your décor

If you still have the same décor in your kitchen today as you did in the 80s; it’s time to make a change. Everyone loved the goose with a straw hat kitchen décor; but it’s time for a change. If you have room over your cabinets try adding some greenery and pretty vases or decorative plates. Decorating your kitchen is more than useless items sitting around. Add a couple of beautiful cutting boards to prop up against your backsplash. They look great and will be readily available when you need to use them. 

Clear glass canisters look pretty when filled with different pastas and rice. It’s a great way to keep these items fresh and at hand.

Keep it clean

As mentioned above, it’s really important that  you keep it clean. Never forget you prepare the food you’ll serve your family in this room. It’s should be the cleanest in the house. Keep counters wiped down using disinfecting sprays. Be sure the sink is free of any food particles that can attract pests. Wipe down your cabinets periodically to keep any grease build up from happening. If you have stainless appliances, use a good stainless cleaner to keep them looking fresh and bright.

Make improvements where you can

If you don’t have the budget to remodel the kitchen space then focus on changes you can make. Consider adding an island to add storage and prep space. Islands can be purchased in all sizes. Most have lockable wheels so they can be moved out of the way when necessary. This is a great way to add the additional storage you likely need. And adding prep space is always a plus.

Even the smallest changes can help you make your kitchen more inviting.


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