Hopefully winter where you live has been on the mild side. Even if you’ve had extreme winter weather, there are still home maintenance issues that may need to be addressed. Home ownership is something most dream of; but remember, it comes with continuing projects that have to be done year round to help maintain your investment. Don’t let things slip through the crack because it may be bitter cold outside. You’ll regret it later when small issues become big problems. 

Be mindful of your air quality

It’s easy to take for granted that when you adjust your thermostat, you’re going to get your home to the set temperature. When that doesn’t happen, it’s panic time. The importance of yearly maintenance on your HV/AC systems cannot be stressed enough. Filters on you heating and air conditioning systems should be changed monthly for optimum performance. But there more than to maintenance than that.

Your outdoor unit needs to be checked yearly. The coils need to be free of debris so that air can flow easily. Wiring systems should be checked for any damage; small animals can chew through these lines. Your coolant levels should also be checked. Doing this yearly maintenance can help prevent the need for you to have to repair your air conditioner or heating unit in the future. It’s better to spend a maintenance fee to a professional than to have to pay for costly repairs that could have been prevented.

Make it a general maintenance something you do to make a fresh start to the new year each year.

Don’t forget about your roof

Your roof is likely to have taken quite the battering from the weather over the past few months. As the part of the home most exposed to the elements, you should consider having your roof inspected for any damage. Even small bits of damage, such as a cracked or chipped tile, and missing shingles can lead to leaks that spread water damage from the top of the home, down. Ask friends and family for references on who to contact for professional roofing companies in your area. Always hire local contractors and not one that just popped in from out of state to make a quick buck.

Check the home’s perimeter

Your home’s security is just as important to your comfort as any other aspect. If you have a wood fence surrounding your yard, be sure you have it weather sealed so it can combat the elements. Missing or broken slats are easy to replace by homeowners. A shoddy fence makes your entire property look shabby. It detracts from the value of your home as well. Make repairing your garden fence something you put at the top of your list of maintenance tasks.

Don’t neglect home maintenance during the winter or you may regret that decision come spring.


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