Fall Fabric Wreath

Fall Fabric Wreath

So many of the wreaths I do for y’all are big and flashy, but the style used to make this fall fabric wreath, while subtle, still makes a beautiful statement. This is wreath uses an easy technique, I honestly don’t know what exactly to call it. It uses two inch fabric squares,  poked into a styrofoam wreath form. There are just a few supplies needed to make this wreath. They are:

17″ styrofoam wreath form

2 yards of fabric (I used 4 colors of 1/2 a yard each)

tacky glue

something to poke the fabric into the wreath

scissors or rotary cutter



Here’s how you make the fall fabric wreath:

Fall Fabric Wreath Supplies

Cut your fabric into two inch strips.

Fall Fabric cuts

Cut the two inch strips into two inch squares.

Fall Fabric Square

Fall Fabric Wreath Cut Squares

Take your the tool to poke the wreath and wrap a fabric square around the tip. Dip in glue, then poke into the wreath form.

Fall Fabric Wreath Glue

Fall Fabric Wreath Dip

Fall Fabric Wreath Poke fabric

Fall Fabric Wreath

Continue poking the fabric into the wreath form all the way around, adding rows of fabric.

Fall Fabric Wreath Row

Fall Fabric Wreath

Fill in all areas of the wreath form that can be seen when the wreath is displayed. Be sure you cannot see any part of the wreath form through the fabric squares. Add any embellishments you’d like. I added a little fall metal pumpkin.

Fall Fabric Wreath

Here’s a link to the video tutorial.

Fall Fabric Wreath



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