Fall Landscaping- DONE!


We actually have temperatures under 80 degrees today which made it the perfect day to get our fall landscaping done. Once fall makes it to Texas, it’s the most glorious time  in the world. I love entering the holiday season and enjoy decorating outside as much as inside. 

Our decorations use all of the traditional fall elements. We incorporate hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins and mums. I was a bit disappointed in the selection of mums this year- we usually use huge pots of the beautiful blooms, but this year had to grab what was available. 

Fall Landscape

Using different heights for visual interest is as important in your outdoor decor as indoor. On one side we stack our hay bales in a bit of a pyramid. This way we not only get good height, but we build in several surfaces upon which to place decorative elements. Using artificial pumpkins is our choice just simply because they don’t spoil before the end of the season. Last year we had some pretty squishy pumpkins to dispose of. 

Fall Landscape

On the other side of our walkway, we simply stacked two hay bales on top of one another to give some height above the landscape plants. We added a variety of scarecrows as well as more pumpkins and mums. I also love using a variety of yard signs as well. These are great for use year after year and are inexpensive. You just have to have room to store them.

Fall Landscape

My favorite thing by far is using a pretty throw and some decorative pillows on our rustic cedar Texas style glider. I can’t wait to take a book and nice cup of hot coffee out there and enjoy the scene.


Happy fall y’all!

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