Creating a Faux Barn Wood Painted Sign

I saw this technique for creating a faux barn wood painted sign on a live Hometalk live segment. I searched high and low for the video when I got ready to try this, but could NOT for the life of me find it. If you’re the person who showed this technique, thank you! 

The Process

Material list:

  • Round Wood Disk
  • Chalk Paint
  • Antiquing Glaze
  • Vinyl Sign or Stencil
  • Foam Brushes
  • Cloth for Wiping off Glaze

Start with a pre-cut disk. I purchased mine from Home Depot. I think it was around $8.

Lightly paint the chalk paint onto the disk. Use cheap chalk paint- I used Martha Stewart brand. I always use the cheaper paint for my signs- Waverly from Walmart works great as well. You want to almost use a dry brush technique for the coat of chalk paint. The goal is not to completely and evenly cover the disk with paint. It’s just sort of the background to receive the glaze.

Notice the uneven coating of chalk paint.

Next paint on the antiquing glaze with a foam brush. I purchased the glaze from Lowe’s. 

Something I failed to show is wiping the glaze off with a soft cloth. The process was painting on the glaze then rubbing in the glaze with a soft cloth. Continue that process until you get the look you want. Paint on/wipe off.

I’m amazed at how much this new disk suddenly looks like old weathered wood! The uneven color is exactly what you want. Wood doesn’t weather evenly so your disk shouldn’t look perfectly uniform either.

Next- Vinyl or Stenciled Phrase

My sign includes a cut out of a funny phrase that describes our home perfectly. This sign was made to go outside on my porch sign post. I don’t have an example of a stenciled sign because, quite frankly, I’m terrible at stenciling. But here is an example of adding a vinyl cut out to a project. After adding the lettering, I went over it with more glaze just to give it a less than perfect look.

After adding the glaze to the lettering, wipe some away.

Going over the entire sign with a matte sealer is a good idea if the sign will hang outdoors.



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