We may still be in winter’s chilly grip, but look up; spring isn’t far behind! It’s not too early to start thinking of about how renewed we feel when days get a little longer and the weather a little warmer. There is nothing that says you can’t bring those springtime feelings into your home today. Here are few ways you can get a head start on the season.

Deep clean and declutter

It’s always a good time to give your home a little once over. A good deep clean where you hit those base boards, clean from under beds, and knock down the cobwebs. Refresh your porches and curb appeal with a bit of  pressure washing of your home’s exterior. Don’t neglect the furniture you may have on your porch. There’s undoubtedly a good layer of grime that has made it’s way to your rocking chairs. 

Organizing and decluttering your house may seem like the least sexy way to refresh your home, but it’s really not. Clutter can make the most beautiful home seem unappealing. Having pretty décor around your house gives a warm and cozy feeling; but having a ton of junk, newspapers, and magazines, not so much. You want your home to feel lived in and loved, but not cramped and messy.

Add pretty accessories

A great way to give a room a refresh is to simply change your pillows and throw blankets. Switch warm plaids with brighter stripes and florals in your living areas. Think of adding a pastel coverlet to your bedding. Pretty pillows are wonderful on your beds as well as living room furniture. Lace curtains give a romantic and breezy feeling to any room. If you need black out curtains; you can still choose light and bright colors. You may find that a brighter color palette may make you feel more energized and even a bit happier.

Add a brighter scent

All homes can do with a fresh scent. Choose scented candles, in a pretty floral scent. Gardenia essential oils bring the feeling of spring. Citrus scents used in a reed diffuser reminds you of sunshine. Choose fragrances that are not overpowering but that will give just a hint of spring meadows or ocean breezes. 

Add pops of spring themes

When you think of spring, you likely think of lilies and bunnies. Baby animals start making their appearance and those themes bring a strong spring vibe with your décor. Pillows with floral baby animal graphics add a touch of whimsy and fun to your home. A big jar of artificial lemons and greenery gives a fresh feeling on kitchen counters. Silk flowers in a tin pitcher look fantastic on your dining room table. Add color splashes where you can.

Bring nature indoors

Don’t skimp on natural elements when redecorating your living areas. Adding greenery automatically adds life and style to your room. Of course living green plants are best as they actually clean the air you breath. They also give a sense of well-being and contentment and help with concentration. Even if you just add some artificial plants, the ambiance of the room will change.

Adding a natural slab wood coffee table with metal legs can add a spark of modern style to the room. Your goal should be to make this room stylish and super comfy at the same time. It’s possible to do, you just need to be thoughtful in your choices.

A fresh coat of paint

If you really want to spruce up a room, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint. Go with a neutral color that allows lots of light reflection. Choose a color that blends well with the colors of spring as well as all of the other months. Remember you can change out your accessories seasonally so you’re not locked into a specific theme year round. Colors found in nature are always a winner.

Nothing says that spring has to officially arrive for you to be able to bring spring feelings into your home. Think warm thoughts while it’s snowing outside!

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