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I. Love. Spring. It’s a season of rebirth and new starts. I love how all of the plants that have laid dormant all winter realize; it’s time. Time to bloom, to grow, time to come back to life. It’s no wonder that Easter happens in the spring. For the Christian faith it’s the ultimate story of rebirth; resurrection. Christ died. He. Was. Dead. But, he didn’t let that stop him. At precisely the right time, he came back to life and that’s essentially what spring is. All of those things that seem dead, spring to life again. If you find yourself without hope, look for your spring. It’s time to come back to life.

Spring Decor

I adore spring decor. It’s flowers, and gorgeous colors, and for me, this year, bunnies. Flowers really do it for me. I get super jazzed when the bulbs start to grow. Daffodils seriously make me grin. And in Texas, you KNOW it’s spring when the bluebonnets start to bloom. It’s our jam. Texans go nuts over our bluebonnets. For a few months each year, it’s not unusual to see families pulled over on the sides of highways and byways taking bluebonnet pictures. There are festivals dedicated to this pretty little thing. We do it every year as well.

I love filling up the house with that spring beauty. This year I added bunnies into the mix. I know they are little terrors to peoples’ gardens but there just so darned cute.

Spring Table Decor

There’s a very wonky Facebook live that I did on creating the centerpiece here. I basically took a garland of greenery and laid a circle of it in the basket. I placed it on the outer edge of the basket. Next, I placed the bunnies. The majority of what I used for everything came from Hobby Lobby. A couple of pretty glass eggs were added as well as several decorative smaller eggs. Hydrangeas and some other little flowers were added for filler.

I’m seriously deficient when it comes to doing these types of arrangements, y’all. I just look for inspiration on Pinterest and try to duplicate the feeling of what I find there. You. Can. Do. This.

The place mats I used also came from Hobby Lobby along with the PLASTIC chargers and plates. I ordered the napkins from Amazon. The napkin rings also came from Amazon. This was a relatively inexpensive tablescape. I threw in some crystal stemware I picked up at an auction and used greenery and candle sticks I already had.

Take the Spring Decor into the Rest of the House

Don’t just stop the spring decor in the dining room! Bring it on into the rest of the house. The parlor was the perfect place for more spring decor. I already have soft colors in this room I accent with pink in here so adding more pretty color worked. Even if you use more bold colors in your decor, adding some soft spring colors accents so well. On one of the buffet cabinets in this room I added a pretty basket with a different bunny and some more greenery. I threw in another glass egg and a lavender arrangement I already had.

We just purchased a new antique buffet that I added another little vignette to. I already had the large hurricane vase so I just added some of the garland I used in the dining room and a big ol’ wooden bunny. I threw in a couple of eggs to add a little color. I’m telling you. This is decorating that you can totally do. 

On a side table I added a little desert stand and filled it with tiny bunnies. 

Keep in Mind

When you’re adding vignettes around the house, I’ve found it’s a little easier if you use some kind of container to sort of corral everything. Large baskets and trays work great. This just sort of gives you some parameters for your stuff. It’s hard to try to do a design that stretches out forever. Remember to have different heights and textures when you’re adding your decor pieces. It’s all about visual interest and not just pretty things.

I hope your spring is full of hope and promise!

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