Is selling your home on the horizon for your? Your realtor will give you advice on the best way to set things up to make you house attractive to buyers. Getting your home market ready is vital to give potential buyers a chance to envision their families living there. There are several small things that seem like a no-brainer, but maybe you’ve not considered them. Let’s talk about ways to get your home market ready.

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Make it look as big as possible

No matter how little square footage you’re selling, you want to make your house seem spacious. To accomplish this you want to keep the furniture in your rooms as minimal as possible. If you have huge beds and dressers in small rooms, send them to storage and put smaller furniture in the room. If you currently have huge furniture that’s taking up lots of living space; consider renting. You can rent a room full of furniture without the commitment to continue to do so when your home sells. Simply return the furnishings upon the sell of the home.  

Clear any extra furniture in all rooms. It may make it a little uncomfortable for your family, remember it’s just for a little while. As soon as your home sells, you’ll be on your way to your new home where you can add all the furniture you need. Remove all clutter like tall vases, ottomans, plant stands, etc. You’ll be amazed how much room you can free up.

Make it sparkle

Give your home a thorough cleaning.  In your kitchen, clear your counters of any and all clutter. Store the toaster and stand mixer, then scrub the countertops. Use a good grease cutting cleaner to make your cabinets look new. Don’t have unfolded laundry around, even if it’s in baskets. Be sure all of the flat surfaces are free of dust. 

You’d be surprised about where dirt is hiding. Checking out the 10 Dirtiest Places In Your Home  to be sure you’ve been as thorough as possible. People are very adverse to consider living in a home that is not clean. Don’t give a potential buyer any excuse to not want to buy your home. There are many companies that you can hire that will do make-ready by cleaning your home top to bottom. If you just don’t have the time to spend on cleaning, hire the work out.

Keep it neutral

Finally, you want the home to be a blank canvas for the potential buyer that is viewing your home. They need to imagine themselves living there with all of their items and possessions. You may love big, bold colors, but the potential buyer may not. A potential buyer is likely not going to want to have to change a purple wall back to white as soon as they move in. You can show your style with bold pillows and throws. If you have boldly painted walls, re-paint them to a soft white. Lighter colors also give the appearance of larger rooms. 

Getting your home market ready may take a bit of work but having a home that shows beautifully will be encourage buyers to consider your home. Take time to do the work and you’ll reap the rewards. 

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