If you like working on projects in your garage, the winter months can be brutal. Nobody wants to have their teeth chattering while they are trying to fix a broken chair. You may have done a lot of work to make your home more environmentally friendly, getting your garage in shape can help. There are some steps you can take to make your garage feel comfortable and energy efficient in the winter months.

Interior of a clean garage in a house

Add insulation 

If you live in an older house that doesn’t have a finished garage, you may think about adding insulation to your ceiling rafters. The best course to take would be to to add some insulation to the rafters then add drywall to finish out the ceiling. Any heat you have in your garage will go right through the roof without have a finished and insulated ceiling. If your walls are unfinished, absolutely do the same thing to them as well. Add insulation and go ahead and drywall over it. 

Your garage door 

How old is your garage door? Is it insulated? If you do a lot of work in your garage, it’s worth the investment to install an insulated garage door. A local Garage Door Company can replace an outdated door with a  more state of the art insulated door that will go a long way to keep the cold air out during the colder months. If your current door is not shutting properly and has gaps that allow cold air in, a professional can remedy that. They’ll also repair any misalignments and add some weather stripping to close any gaps that may be allowing cold to pour in.

Replace windows

If you only have old single-pane windows in your garage, they’re not very effective at keeping the heat in. It’s also likely older windows may have gaping or areas that are not sealed properly that allow the cold to seep in. Replacing the windows with more energy efficient double pane windows is the best course to take. If you can’t afford to do that, at the very least caulk around all of the window seals to try to slow down the cold air that’s coming in. In addition to re-sealing the windows, you can purchase an insulating window film to put over the glass. This film will help year round keeping the cold out in winter and heat in summer. 

The time spent in your garage doing all of your honey-dos can be more pleasant if you take a few steps to make your garage feel comfortable in those winter months and less hot in summer time too.

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