The secret to the most useful kitchen is having the right gadgets and appliances on-hand. There is nothing I love more than nifty kitchen gadgets and accessories. I never miss the opportunity to stop at demonstrations when they are showcasing the latest kitchen accessory. State and county fairs and even big box stores often have companies on hand to demo their latest gadget. 

Here are a few that you may want to add to your kitchen.

Fruits slices on a blender

Chopping board set

If you want to save your counter tops, a set of chopping/cutting boards are a must have. It’s good to have more than one board so you can cut veggies on one, meat on another, and even bread on another. The Joseph Joseph Folio Chopping Board Set offers a great set of boards that will cover anything you’ll need to cut. These boards also come with a smart and attractive container to store them right on your counter without causing clutter. They stack neatly in together with space between to allow air to circulate and keep the boards dry.


Blenders are not just for making smoothies. Although, they are awesome for making delicious healthy drinks, they can be used for so much more. A good blender is a must for making smooth soups by pureeing the cooked ingredients. You can whip up delicious hummus using canned chick peas, with some tahini, garlic, salt, and any other spices you like, then blend until smooth. 

And yes, make amazing frozen cocktails by blending lots of ice, mixers, and the alcohol of your choice. A frozen beverage is perfect for hot summer days. Don’t discount all of the uses you’ll find for a powerful blender.

Water filter

The quality of drinking water from the tap can vary from city to city. My drinking water happens to be filled with minerals since it comes from a spring. The flavor isn’t particularly to my liking so filtered water it is. You can go very technical by installing an under sink mounted water filter. These filters run to a separate faucet you have to install. They work great but are a bit of work for the average homeowner.

To save yourself the hassle of installation, a great alternative is the Pentair Rocean water filter. This filter fits seamlessly onto any kitchen counter and provides up to 390 gallons from a single filter. It removes 79 contaminants and provides the freshest, safest water possible. The fact that is comes in a beautiful package is just a bonus.

Magnetic knife set

No kitchen is complete without a great set of knives. Unfortunately most sets come with a huge, space hogging knife block. If you’re like me, kitchen counter clutter drives you crazy. The goal is to have the fewest items out on the counter at any given time. A knife block is one of those things that is a constant. But, if you’d like to decrease that clutter, you might consider getting a knife set with a magnetic knife strip. There are countless brands of knife sets that come with the magnetic strip included. Your knives will snap to the magnetic strip keeping them from your counter top until you’re ready to use them. This sleek way to store knives is becoming more and more popular.

Adding just a few kitchen accessories will make your time spent preparing family meals more pleasant. 

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