Spring is finally upon us! I love all of the seasons, I mean, fall in Texas is really hard to beat, but spring is where it’s at. I love the metaphor that is spring. In winter it seems that everything has died. Most trees shed their leaves and our flowers have all gone away for the year. I love the reality that everything is just waiting for it’s appointed time to bloom again. Life is like that sometimes, maybe you’re at a place where things seem dismal and dead, but hang in there. Your personal spring is coming. It’s time for renewal and new life; it’s time to embrace springtime!

Enjoy the Fresh Air

After a long winter of keeping the windows closed and cranking up the heat, now is the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air. Throwing open your windows is a great way to give your home a breezy, springtime feel. Opening the blinds and curtains will let in the natural light that our bodies need to improve our health. There’s never been a more important time to expose ourselves to the natural vitamin D that sunlight gives us. Of course, you should always protect yourself with a good sunscreen when enjoying that sunshine.

Protect Your Home

When the seasons change, it is so important to do a little property maintenance to ensure your home is well-protected. Spring, in particular, is the time you might see more insect or pest activity, which is why it’s vital to get advice from animal control specialists. By making your property a pest-free zone, you can enjoy every aspect of your home and garden throughout spring and summer. 

It’s a great time to protect your home from ants and other invasive insects as well. They’ll be much more active with the warmer weather.

Update your textiles

With spring’s entrance and warmer weather, it might be time to change out heavy comforters with lighter bedspreads. It’s always fun to add spring touches to your bedroom and there’s no better way to do it than with new pillows and bedding.

Having throw blankets available in your living areas is a good idea no matter the season. I’m always a little colder than the hubs and I like to be able to cover up with a light throw when we’re sitting in the living room. Here is another place you can let your creative spring time juices flow. Add light colors and pastels to give your room a springtime feel.

Try springtime fragrances

If you are a fan of scented candles, wax melts, or diffusers, spring is a great time for lighter floral or citrus fragrances. Warm scents like cinnamon, cedarwood, or woodsy choices can be switched out for brighter fragrances. Of course, always let your preference guide you. There are no hard and fast rules about how you scent your home.

Clean cotton, bergamot, lilac, and jasmine are great choices, however, if you’re wanting to brighten up the feel of your home.

Eliminate allergens

Despite its many benefits, spring can be tricky if you suffer from allergies. With extra pollen around, many people notice an increase in itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and tickly throats. If you want to enjoy springtime without exacerbating your allergies, be sure to keep your home well-ventilated and use air purifiers in every room. These will help to remove contaminants and can drastically reduce your symptoms. 

Bring nature into your home

Local nurseries are teeming with beautiful flowers in springtime. Decorating with live plants not only makes your home more beautiful, but it improves the air in your home. Adding a few pots of cute daisies, or beautiful hydrangeas is sure to make you have those good spring vibes. Flowers always improve my mood. A few pretty pots will also add beauty to your decor. You can pick these up at your local discount store for not much money.

Let spring bring new life into your home

It’s been a dreary and unpredictable year for many of us. Allow yourself to feel the renewal of spring in your home and life. Surround yourself with happy decor, including painted signs with funny or inspirational quotes. Embrace springtime for the joy that new beginnings create. 


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