Thank goodness life has started to get back to normal after all of the restrictions many states foisted upon their populations. In Texas we’ve been blessed to not really have any restrictions at all, I can only imagine how relieved the citizens of shut down states are feeling. It’s time to party y’all! Now is the perfect time to start living life and getting back to the old normal. It’s a great time to gather with family and friends again.

Now, in light of that, keep up with your protocols of frequently washing your hands and other old timey proven ways to stay healthy. Keep taking your vitamin D and C and don’t forget your Zinc as well. But don’t live in fear and if you’ve always loved entertaining at home, start doing it again.

Host a reunion

Consider hosting a get together of family members you’ve not seen in months. Make it casual and fun. It can be a night of light food set up buffet style so everyone can get what they like and not feel obligated to eat things they might not. Set up an area for photos. Use a large empty frame that can be held as a prop to look like each photo is a framed pic. Be sure to have enough seating so everyone can sit around and share life stories.

Just being together in a comfortable place will create a special evening.

Indoors or out

If you plan your event during the warm spring or summer months; entertaining outdoors in the backyard is a great option.

Start with a theme. If you want to do a backyard picnic theme, you’ll want to add red and white checkered table cloths, picnic baskets, and blankets for seating. A summer theme could incorporate bright colors. Decorating with lemons and greenery creates a cheerful mood. You’ll want to use outdoor linens for all of your table settings. .

Be sure you have adequate seating for everyone in attendance. Folding round tables are not too expensive and are great for dining outdoors. Start collecting good quality folding chairs so you can break them out on these special occasions. The commercial grade plastic chairs that match the folding tables work great. If you don’t have those, you can always break out your lawn chairs and ask your guests to bring their own chairs. People understand that most people don’t have dozens of chairs for outdoor use. You can also incorporate stools and outdoor pillows.

Plan the perfect menu

If you’d like to serve an actual meal, you need to plan a perfect menu. Think about how many people will be coming. You may want to consider serving a main course that includes the meat in the dish. This will be easier than serving single size portion of chicken, fish, or beef. Spaghetti, salad, and bread is an easy meal to serve lots of people. You can go with an entire Italian theme with checkered table clothes and a nice wine.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could learn how to make lobster ravioli sauce that is sure to impress. It’s really mostly about reconnecting with family and friends who’ve been absent from your life too long. It really is like a new beginning for many of you and it’s a time to celebrate life and remember those we lost. Try to keep the atmosphere light and fun. Make it an escape. 

Your family and friends will cherish the time you get to be together; especially if you’ve had to be apart for any length of time.

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