Entertaining and relaxing in outdoor spaces is a big trend these days. Creating an environment for relaxing and entertaining in the backyard adds value to you home and your life. Even the smallest of yards can be transformed into an oasis with a few additions. Try one or more of these ideas to create an outdoor paradise.

A good foundation

When transforming outdoor space, you’ll need a foundation upon which to build your space. There are several materials that can be used to add a patio area. A concrete slab works great as a nice even surface to place you furniture, grills, umbrellas or other outdoor elements. Pavestones are another possibility. Even spreading a nice small pea gravel can give a good surface upon which to build. Of course a nice level area with lush grass; real or artificial, can work. Just be sure it’s level and sturdy.

Add Furniture

Most outdoor relaxation or entertaining spaces begin with furniture. Choose well made all weather outdoor furniture. Spending thousands of dollars on furniture isn’t necessary, but the better quality furniture the longer it will last. You want cushions that are well made and weather resistant. They should be easily cleaned as well. There are as many styles for outdoor furniture as indoor. Choose a traditional set with sofa and chairs or more modern sectionals. The Complete Modular Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide For Backyard Enthusiasts, can help.

Add a hammock

If there’s room for a hammock in your backyard, then don’t hesitate to buy one! Long summer afternoons can be spent there reading your favorite book or just resting and relaxing. Listening to the relaxing sounds of nature. can help give a sense of peace while you swing. It’s a great place to get away for an afternoon nap.

Water feature

A fountain doesn’t have to be big and austere. Even a smaller fountain that features cascading water can help with a Zen feeling. There is something so peaceful and relaxing about the sound of running water. It’s almost as though troubles drift away with the running stream. Whether wall mounted or on the ground, a water feature can help complete any outdoor living space.


Having adequate lighting for your backyard living space can’t be discounted. Lighting not only allows walkways to be safer and helps illuminate the area and people, but it can create mood as well. Try hanging strands of Edison lights around the area to give a soft yellow glow. Outdoor lamps can also be used on end tables just like indoor spaces. Twinkle lights in the surrounding trees give a magical feeling all around.

If getting electricity to the lighting is difficult, consider adding solar panel lighting. The solar panels absorb the energy of the sun that powers the lights like some kind of magic. This allows lighting in the most obscure places of your backyard.

Create privacy

When creating living and entertainment areas outdoors, privacy can be an issue. Adding wooden fence panels is the obvious choice but that’s not always possible. Surround your area with some pretty trellises and add climbing flowering plants to create a living wall. There are lovely privacy screens and panels that can also be purchased to block inquiring eyes.

Herb garden

A nice addition to any backyard space is a small backyard garden. Acres and acres of land aren’t needed for gardening. A simple container garden is perfect to grow herbs used in everyday cooking to flavor your favorite dishes. It’s so convenient to be able to grab fresh oregano and basil for a great spaghetti sauce. Convenience, money savings, and better tasting dishes with fresh herbs add up to a great reason to plant a garden.


When looking for something that brings people together, a firepit makes it happen. Hotdogs roasted over an open flame just taste better. And what dessert must follow those hotdogs? Children and adults alike love gathering around a firepit to roast marshmallows. Add a chocolate bar and some graham crackers to create the perfect s’mores. Nothing brings out memories of childhood like s’mores around a firepit. 


Improvements that add value to your home don’t just happen when update and improve the structure. Adding space to the backyard for entertaining and relaxation also improve the overall value of your home. Today people want their homes to provide flexible spaces even if those spaces are outside. The value of your home will increase with every addition you make inside and out. 


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