Your windows and doors are more than just protection from the weather and strangers. They are part of the aesthetic of your home. A beautiful front door can add to your curb appeal and interesting windows can add a touch of elegance. If your windows and doors have been for function only, maybe it’s time to jazz them up a bit. Herre are a few ways to do just that.

Photo of a white door with a hanging wreath and welcome decor
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels

Upgrade the Hardware

One of the most effective but also simplest ways to update a door or window is to upgrade the hardware. Adding a brass kickplate and door hardware can take a ho hum entry door and make it fabulous. Pretty metal street numbers can also add a bit of style to your door. 

Look for hardware that goes with the overall look of your home. There are many traditional door handle sets from which to choose as well as more contemporary looks. Find specialty stores like  Access Hardware to look at lots of options on everything from hinges to door knobs. 

Don’t forget to add seasonal wreaths to your front door to add an extra bit of warmth to the exterior of your home.

Paint it

Painting a door or window frame is a great way to give it an update to your home’s curb appeal. This is the fastest and easiest way to change the look of your home’s exterior. Don’t just stick with traditional door colors like black and white. Be daring with a bold red or yellow paint color. You can keep with a traditional white for your window frames and still add a bright color for your door. 

You need to remove your door from the hinges if you intend to paint it. Be sure to clean all dirt and grime. You need to sand any rough edges or gouges that may have occured over time to get the best finish. Choose a high quality paint that is meant for exterior doors. You may have to do double duty if the exterior of your door is a different color that the side that faces the interior.

If the side that faces the interior of your home is different that outside, be sure to protect it. You don’t want paint to get over onto the other side. It’s all about the prep. Add a couple of coats of paint to be sure the paint will last several years.

Add molding to doors

Molding can give some extra texture and attractiveness to a door. If there isn’t already molding on your door, you can add it yourself. Choose a molding trim to make a flat door look more interesting. There are different styles that you can select from, from more simple options to very ornate trims. Paint your trim before attaching it to your door, then cut the pieces to the desired length. Put in some small pilot holes to use for your trim nails later, then use wood glue to stick your pieces on. Tap trim nails into your pilot holes to make sure it’s all secure after the glue is dry.

Think about replacing

For a more dramatic option to make a door or windows look fresher, you could consider replacing the old with the new. While it might be more expensive, it’s often worth it if you really want to give your house outstanding curb appeal. If you live in an older home, the value of new windows cannot be denied. Add pretty double paned windows wilth mullions to add beauty and interest as well as better energy efficiency. A carved new wooden door can give an ordinary entry way brand new life. 

Small changes like we’ve discussed can go a long way in changing the look of your home. Grab a can of paint and a brush and let your imagination go wild. Don’t be afraid to jazz up your windows and doors.

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