Find the perfect room 

The size of your home office depends on a few factors. Is it going to be exclusively an office? If so it only needs to be large enough to accommodate your desk and peripherals like printer and file cabinet. Even a closet can work in some instances. Most people don’t have those extra spare rooms in their homes, so they use their offices as multi-use rooms. You need to find a room with minimal furniture that is easily rearranged. A workout room is a good option. You can move the treadmill, bike, and weight bench to one side of the room, freeing up the rest for your desk and chair.

What you don’t want is to work in the main living areas of your house like the kitc

Home office interior
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hen or living room.  These family areas are filled with distractions. It’s not just the kids, television, and pets, but you’ll be constantly looking at all of the things that need your attention. The urge to pick up clutter and maybe dust the furniture is a distraction you don’t need.  A spare bedroom is another option. That way you’ll have access to a great mattress like for a quick nap after a particularly trying conference call.  The bed can also double as a place to spread out paperwork if necessary. 


Choose a desk that works

The desk you choose for your office space needs to be large enough for all of your equipment. Most people these days use their laptop or desktop computer and have an additional monitor. A desk with a keyboard tray is helpful to keep your arms in optimal position for typing. A filing cabinet can double as a printer stand as well. If you can’t really afford a fancy office desk, you can actually take two two-drawer filing cabinets spread out with a long board placed on top of them. That way, you have the drawers you need and adequate desk top space. 

As a last resort, a folding table can work in a pinch. Be sure there is some storage available; stacking trays work great. 

Invest in a good headset 

If your day will consist of lots of conference calls and video conferences, invest in a good headset. You’ll want to be able to hear well and to be understood when you respond. Your headset needs to be dependable and easily connected. Bluetooth is a great choice so you won’t have to contend with a wire connecting you to your computer. Don’t be that person with a questionable headset, that doesn’t allow you to hear what people are saying and that causes you to sound like Darth Vadar. Your co-workers and clients will thank you. A good headset will also eliminate background noise and allow people to better concentrate on what you’re saying. You want to convey professionalism to your clients and c0-workers; a good headset helps with that image.

Find the perfect the chair

Think of the amount of time you spend sitting in front of your computer. Your office chair is really the most important piece of equipment you’ll spend your money on. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll need to decide if a true ergonomic chair is best. Some of them look pretty crazy and cause you to sit in such a way that is supposed to relieve tension in your body. Whether you choose these modern designed chairs or a more traditional adjustable chair, you need to be sure it’s not going to be uncomfortable. Adjusting the height of your chair is just one aspect of office chairs. Most allow you to adjust the tilt as well. The back of the chair can have lumbar support and can be adjusted to sit closer or further from your back.

Another aspect you may not have considered is the fabric your chair is made from. Even the most padded comfortable chair can become uncomfortable if the it doesn’t breath. A leather covered chair will hold up against tears and stains but can also become hot from body heat and cause you to sweat. A more breathable fabric may be a better choice. There are several that have a mesh back that will allow body heat to escape. No matter the preference, be sure your chair will feel good after hours of sitting.

Green plants make it better

Science has shown that green plants in office spaces have several benefits.  They amazingly can reduce stress. Studies have shown a 37% reduction of anxiety and even a 48% reduction of depression when offices have lots of green plants. According to some color psychology, the color green has a calming effect. Another university study has shown that green plants increases productivity; as much as 15%. This simple addition to your space can make a significant impact.

Should you be working from home or just want an area for your home based business, incorporating some of these suggestions can help you make a great home office. 

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