Many times the spare room in your house becomes kind of like your kitchen junk drawer. You fill it with things that you can’t find another spot for. Often times a spare room fills with boxes, spare furniture, and clothing. What if you could turn that room into something special? Think about the possibilities.

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A room for relaxation

If you have that spare room in your house, why not transform it into a place for relaxation? Usually these rooms are on the small side, so it’s not such an expensive thing to do. If you’re transforming a smaller room, the first thing to do is clean it out. Remove everything in the room. Then, you’ll have a blank canvas to work with. From here, you should think about the furniture options that will work in your space. Seeing as the purpose of this room is relaxation, it means you need super comfy furniture. There are perfect options in chairs for sinking into and reading a book or listening to music. Adding bean bag chairs to a room with a love seat or sofa gives extra seating while not taking up as much room as bigger chairs.

Add a gorgeous floor using adhesive wood planks to give a maintenance feel of hard woods. Use a pretty rug to anchor the room. This will be a room you’ll never want to leave!

Make a home office

It’s possible you’ve already done this out of necessity during the pandemic. If you’ve used this ideal space for a home office but never really took time to personalize it; it’s time. Give the walls a new paint color and maybe add a wallpaper accent wall. Bring in your favorite artwork to give you a feeling of permanence. Don’t forget to add some pretty live green plants. Science shows that live plants have a calming effect. They also naturally clean the air.

Add some lamps for soft light and be sure you don’t cover the windows with heavy drapes. Let in as much natural light as possible; it’s easier on the eyes.

Make a craft room

If you have a creative streak and tend to use the kitchen table for your projects; why not make a craft room? Adding a nice big table and some shelves is a great place to start. Check out craft rooms on sites like Pinterest to get great ideas for storage and work spaces. It can reduce stress when you can work on a project and not have to completely clear the space because you need to set the table for dinner. Add pegboards to hold different supplies and paint the walls a happy color.

This room will quickly become your happy place.

Added value when you sell 

If you transform a spare room in your home, you may want to consider changing it back into a bedroom when you sell. Bedrooms sell homes. Even if it’s clear to you that the room is actually a bedroom; buyers may not see it. If they need that room for a bedroom for their children and it’s an office, they may mark your home off their list. You can easily use an inflatable twin mattress to act as a bed. There’s no need to waste money on furniture you don’t need. 

The more rooms the better when selling your home.

More options 

A spare room can be used for any number of options. You owe it to yourself to use it for more than storage. Even creating a beautiful guest room is an easy option. Making a reading room is really popular these day. Walls lined with shelves of books with the addition of comfy chairs to read in sounds like heaven. Let your imagination take you wherever it wants to go and make a space you’ll love for years to come.

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