When you think about the maintenance and curb appeal of your home; the driveway is likely an afterthought. Don’t discount the importance of an attractive and safe driveway. The use of a driveway is mostly utilitarian it’s true. But it is an extension of your home and it can improve the curb appeal of your home as well as its value. Let’s talk about the maintenance of your driveway and how it relates to your home.

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It should be safe

Having a driveway free of large cracks or heaves is important. Not only does a crumbling driveway detract from the beauty of your home, it can also be a hazard. Simply walking on a damaged driveway causes risks of twisted ankles not to mention falls. If you repave or are planning to re-pour concrete, be sure you use appropriate materials. You need a surface wide enough to park cars as well as being able to maneuver in and out. You’ll also need traction sufficient to keep you from skidding when it’s wet out. Choose materials rated for driveways to prevent unforeseen accidents.

Think about curb appeal

You need to think further than just whether or not your driveway is safe. If you’ve got a great slab of concrete that has stains from oil or other fluids leaked from cars, that ruins the aesthetic. Think about pressure washing your drive periodically. This will give a fresh and clean look.

You can consider adding a brick border to the drive to give additional beauty to your home. Landscape beds adjacent to the drive gives you a chance to add pretty flowering shrubs and trees. Your home’s curb appeal will look brighter and more polished with a few small added details.

Add to the value of your home 

Many people don’t realize that a beautiful exterior actually can add to the value of their home. The exterior is actually the first impression. It is a direct reflection of your home’s interior. A nice large driveway that can hold several cars can make a difference. If you live in a home with teenagers, you likely have a few cars. Some HOAs don’t allow street parking so a substantial driveway is a must. But as we’ve discussed, it doesn’t have to be an eye sore. 

Treating the drive as a true extension of your home makes it a part of normal maintenance.

It’s great for kids

Having a safe smooth driveway is also great if you have kids. Having a nice smooth driveway gives your younger children a great place to play. Sidewalk chalk has the perfect canvas on a nice smooth drive. For older kids, there’s nothing more fun than a nightly pick up game of basketball on a great level playing field. You just need to be extra careful that all toys and children are out of the way when cars may be arriving.

Protect the investment

Keeping your driveway maintained will protect the money you’ve invested in it. Concrete is expensive and so you won’t want to have to make costly repairs in the future. When it’s installed, concrete is given stress reducing control joints to keep cracks from appearing. If you’re having a driveway poured, be sure the subgrade is compacted to avoid shifting. There are also additives that can helps control cracking. You can also add fiber reinforcement. Just be sure you use a good product and that it’s properly installed.

In the control joints you may see weeds or grass popping through. Be sure you keep weed killer in those joints. Not only do weeds and grass growing through your concrete look unsightly, they can cause damage over time.

Don’t forget about your driveway when you  consider the assets of your property.


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