Everyone likes a night out every once in a while. But what’s even better is knowing you’ve got a great home for entertaining and can bring the party to you. There’s something special when you create an atmosphere where your friends and family feel comfortable and genuinely love to visit. Having entertainment space is a part of the experience; and it’s easier to create than you might think.

Whether indoor or outdoor; you can create true entertainment areas in your home where your guests are sure to have a great time.

Sitting at the Dinner Table Handsome Young Man Plays the Guitar For a Friends. Family and Friends Listening to Music at the Summer Evening Garden Party Celebration.

Utilize outdoor spaces

Depending on where you live; having outdoor entertaining areas just make sense. You don’t necessarily have to invest big money in construction crews to do it. The easiest way to add a spot for gathering outside it to add a patio of pavers. Map out a spot in your backyard- even a 14′ x 14′ space is plenty big. Prepare the ground by removing the sod, add a layer of weed barrier, then sand. Next add large pave stones until you get the size you’d like. Add a few tall posts around the perimeter and string Edison lights. Add a firepit and some plastic Adirondack chairs and you instantly have a great place to gather on cold evenings. Did somebody say s’mores?

Have a serious TV room

Most people these days have fairly large flat screen TVs in their homes. But if you have friends who truly love watching sports or movies; get serious about your TV and sound. The cost of TVs have come down significantly over the years and so it’s not long cost prohibitive to go really large. A sound bar of some sort is a must if you love watching movies. You want that immersive experience. If you don’t know where to start; consider the help of Audio Video by Design to make sure you choose the right size TV and correct sound for your room.

Get crafty

Having a home for entertaining is not just about having drinks and sharing food. Lots of people love to create and would to be in an environment conducive to that outlet. Consider taking a spare room or den and making it a creative hub. Make it a weekly event where your friends can gather, maybe enjoy a glass of wine and work on projects. It can be a quilting circle, wreath making, or even sign painting. There are tons of crafting projects that can be shared with friends.

It also gives time to really relax among friends; to catch up on everyone’s lives and to let go of the stress of the week.

Game room

Finally, the ultimate entertainment space is, of course, a games room. Most newly built houses come with some kind of bonus room these days. Why not take that space and make it a place for fun. Set up a poker table that has a felt top, a place for drinks, and chip holder. Maybe make a small chess table. Of course if the room is large enough, a pool table is always a cool addition. Adding a large TV to one wall along with a gaming console is a must have. adding a comfy sofa in front for seating or gaming chairs with complete that area of the room. The possibilities are endless.

Holding on to our money is becoming more and more important and so people aren’t going out as much as they used to. Making your home an entertainment spot can be just as fulfilling if not more that those nights on the town.

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